Monday, January 16, 2006


I don't know a whole lot about him. My first memories of him are going up against him in a football drill, in gym class, freshman year. Later in the year, in that same class, Mr. Bonino told Jason that he needed to take a shower, because he stunk. Should teachers really point out things like that? So be it. Everyone laughed. And I guess that was important to him.

Jason and I had Mr. Noll's drivers' ed. class as sophomores. At some point that year, a rumor started to circulate that Jason had fucked a cow. He got teased quite a bit for that. Richard even drew an incredibly detailed picture of the backside of a cow, with its tail raised. The picture got passed up and down a few rows, until it reached Jason - who promptly whisked it onto the floor. The picture eventually ended up getting into the hands of Mr. Noll - who looked at it and laughed. Richard was a good artist.

Dave Svatek told me that the way that rumor got started was because Jason had slept with fellow graduate, Anne Wetenkamp. Nice, people. Anne was friendly. She was no cow.

If memory serves, Jason hung out with Chuck Yauch and Kurt Psenicka. I think Jason may have enjoyed fishing as well.

I ran into Jason many times over the years, while working at the video store. We never spoke much. Last I knew, he was still living in Manitowoc.


At Sat Jan 28, 04:16:00 PM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

Can't say I ever had any contact with this dude. However, with the company he kept (Kurt Psnickjksjdkwhatever and Chuk Yuk), I can see why...

See, I can still be kind of an asshole... it's terrible!


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