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Brenda was a tough girl. She was the kind of girl who wasn't afraid to at least threaten to get phyically involved with the guys - in a fighting sense.

I've known Brenda since my first day of school in Two Rivers - Monday, 11/10/80. I had her in Mrs. Schmidt's class. At that time, I believe her best friend was fellow graduate Colleen Krejcarek.

I have a vague memory of her from that year. Each week we would get one of those "Junior Scholastic" magazines in class. And as a class, we would read them out loud. Brenda had to read an article about an old time telephone. And where she was supposed to say "crank it up" she instead said "crack it up." The whole class laughed. Why I recall that is a mystery to me.

Brenda was one of the classmates that I shared my entire 7th grade with. In Mrs. Westburg's chorus class, I remember her once chasing Doug Wall. Doug ran away, fearing for his own safety. I kidded Doug about that forever. He would always come back with, "You would run too!"

Speaking of Doug and Brenda, they had another close encounter. Egged on by the likes of Jason Anderson, Kevin Dehne and myself, we got Doug to drop his pants and moon Mrs. Westburg while her back was turned. Brenda had the unfortunate position of being mere inches from Doug's ass when he bared it a few times. Poor girl.

In that same 7th grade, I can recall Brenda wearing some gray parachute pants.

Our math teacher, Mr. Longhini used to often refer to her as "Brenda Da-axe." One day Brenda came back with, "I could say something funny about your name too." Think about it.

In Mr. Schambureck's social studies class, I was standing near her one day, in charge of keeping score on the blackboard for a trivia contest we were doing. I was wearing some sort of khaki corduroy pants. She kept asking me if those were "fag pants." Incidentally, I never wore them again.

I seem to recall that she had a thing for class of 1988's Scott Schweiger.

Brenda was great at ping pong. When we had it in gym class, she kicked ass. She was so good that Mr. Wolff said we would get credit for any points scored against her. I was actually pretty good at ping pong, and was able to score on her. But in the end, she beat us all.

Jenny Malley told me that she had hung out with Brenda at her home once - where she had a ping pong table, and obviously became an expert at it. Jenny complained that Brenda would cheat.

In high school, she was heavily into sports. I believe she was into basketball, softball and volleyball. She excelled at all of them.

Dave Svatek told me that HE had heard a story about her. So obviously I don't know if any of this is true. This may have happened in our junior or senior year. Apparently several females were having some sort of party/sleepover. In Brady Bunch land it would be called a slumber party. Anyway, legend has it that the conversations got a bit racy. And at one point, Brenda (who was allegedly wearing some sort of oversized nightshirt) pulled it up, revealing a wetness "down there" and saying, "God, I'm so horny right now."

For the record, the "scandal" was that she said this amongst a group of females. And the insinuation was that she may have "swung the other way from time to time." That my friends is no scandal. That's hot!

That's a good story. But again, I have no idea if it ever took place. It's just something Dave told me in school.

I believe that Brenda's best friend was fellow graduate Becky Koeppel.

After high school, I think she went on to college - possibly to UW Madison. But I'm not sure. She eventually married, and became Brenda Turner. They had at least one child before they divorced in 2000. I believe she now lives in the Milwaukee area.

UPDATE - 2/2/06 - Brenda went to UW Milwaukee. She is now a vice principal in the Milwaukee area. Here's a recent photograph of her. Click it for a smaller, clearer version.


At Wed Feb 01, 09:05:00 AM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

Holy damp panties Batman!

I'm, of course, reading this at work. I'm amazed my firewall is allowing this naughty material through the network! Call the system administrator!

Wait a minute, I am the system administrator...

Anything I have to say about Brenda could never even come close to that post so I'll stay mum on this person.

At Wed Feb 01, 07:47:00 PM PST, Blogger SonnyKidd said...

Brenda was hot, most guy's dream girl, hot and sporty. And, she was well known as being one of the best kissers in school. She had a secret room in her house where the "lucky" boys would get to visit. I was one of the "lucky" ones. We used to walk home from school together. She was likely the first girl I would say I ever really made out with, which may somewhat taint my opinion of her kissing skills. But it was 6th grade, Camp Tapawingo (sp?), me and Ross Hoffman got up super early one morning to meet Jenny Malley and Brenda. It was awesome. I will always have a sweet spot in my heart for Brenda.

At Wed Feb 01, 08:26:00 PM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Now THAT is an awesome comment! Way to go Jason!


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