Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Jim Tadych is a guy who I only remember from 7th grade. He was a gruff looking fellow who seemed to have some scruffy facial hair. To my knowledge, he was not related to fellow graduate Jamie Tadych. But I don't know for sure. Chalk up another one to the "born in 1969" club.

The only school memory I have of Jim was from Mrs. Westburg's class. Jim and I happened to be in detention together in Westburg's room after school one day. Jim was relaxed, with his feet propped up onto the chair in front of him. Band director Mr. Schnell yelled at him to get his feet down. Jim said, "no." After a few more verbal exchanges, a red-faced and angry Schnell marched over to Jim and kicked his legs down from the chair. Jim gave him a real dirty look, but didn't do anything but sit there with his arms crossed. Mr. Schnell then sat down in the chair next to him, and stayed there for 40 minutes. I guess he was just waiting for Jim to try something again - which of course didn't happen. Did Schnell not have anything better to do?

My only other memory of Jim is seeing him one morning before school. I was going to Manitowoc for some reason, and wasn't going to school that day. Anyway, I happened to see Jim and B.J. Lutterman taking out the garbage together. I think the two of them were related in some capacity - cousins or something.

I don't know if Jim was with me in 8th grade or not. I know for sure he never made it to Washington with me. To my knowledge, I never saw him again.

As far as I know, Jim has never married. But I think he has at least one child. He's had a few brushes with the law though, including some drunk driving offenses and some serious marijuana charges. In fact, in 1999, it looks like he was charged with possession and intent to deliver. He was sentenced to three years in prison. At one point, he may have actually lived with B.J. for awhile. Today it looks like he still resides in Two Rivers.

UPDATE - 4/16/07 - Kevin Dehne dug through his archives and found this picture of Jim. He wasn't sure of the exact daye, other than it was sometime in the 1990's. It was probably taken at some party.


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