Monday, July 24, 2006


Mr. Hanf (Charles) was a shop teacher at high school. At least I think he was. Something tells me he was also in charge of selling milk during lunch.

I never had any shop classes. So I know almost nothing about this guy. However, I very recently found out some interesting tidbits.

For one, Ken Bartz told me that Mr. Hanf pulled him out into the hall, then hit him in the stomach, causing Ken to double over. And according to Kevin Dehne, he did the same thing to Randy Klein too. Another person also mentioned that Hanf picked up some other kid by his neck. If all of this is true, it's astounding to me that a teacher like that could continue employment. If it had happened to me, I may not have hit him back. But I wouldn't stand for being pummeled like that.

Although I never had him as a teacher, I had him as a customer quite a bit. He came into the video store a lot. I believe his wife's name is Margaret. As far as I know, he's out of the high school. I don't see a record of him being at another school. But who knows. Today it looks like he still lives in Two Rivers, and runs a small company which sells lumber and other materials.


At Wed Jul 26, 06:17:00 AM PDT, Blogger apeman said...

I had Mr. Hanf for 9 weeks my freshman year. I hated metals class so much. We had to make a toolbox out of a few pieces of sheetmetal. I had the ugliest one in the class when it was all done. I painted it hunting orange. It never did make it home though, I stuck it under the schoolbus tires after school and watched it get smooshed. As for Hanf himself, I didn't care for him too much.But then again who did I like for teachers back then.


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