Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I first met Mark in 8th grade. We shared Mr. Fencl's reading class, in addtion to Mr. Franke's science class. We got to be good friends.

Mark was kind of a runt. He was thin and short. But he was a really cool guy. Some of my early memories of him are from Fencl's class. Jeff Salstrand used to try to spit on Mark nearly everyday. Why? I don't know.

Mark used to come over to my house on occasion. We would play Atari and look at my dad's Penthouse Magazines.

Although I was unable to attend the 8th grade end-of-the-year picnic due to disciplinary reasons, I do know something that went on there. Richard and Meff came up with the idea to pee in a squirt gun, then shoot people with it. Richard pretty much did all the dirty work. To hear him describe it years later, it was pretty gross. Richard held the squirt gun up to his willy, and peed into it. Do you remember the tiny holes those things had? Have you ever tried to have a slow, drawn out pee? Forget it! It won't work. Richard apparently peed all over the gun as well as his hands. But in the process, he managed to fill the thing up. After cleaning up, Richard took the gun outside and allegedly made poor Mark his victim - several times. I wonder if Mark ever knew what hit him?

In our freshman year, we sat next to one another and endured a semester of Mr. Hough's history class.

Side note. For anyone who went to Clarke, do you remember that as freshman, the trio of Mr. Hough, Mr. Wood and Mrs. Mull used to constantly berate anyone that had gone to Clarke? If I had a fricken nickel for everytime one of them would say, "This ain't L.B. Clarke." Jesus, were we that bad? As a senior, I ran into Clarke teacher Mr. Schambureck. He said that at various school meetings amongst staff members from all the public schools, Mr. Hough would never stop talking about how horrible the students at Clarke were. What a worm.

Anyway, in the fall of our freshman year, Mark and I would join Kevin Dehne, and ride our bikes all over town, inevitably winding up back at Kevin's house. One time Mark tried to hop a curb or something, as he was going pretty fast. He wiped out and hit the concrete pretty hard, cutting open his hand. The best I could offer was a band-aid.

After our freshman year, Mark and I stopped hanging around with each other. Nothing happened. We just grew apart I guess. I think Mark started hanging around with fellow graduate Jeff Rausch.

After high school, I ran into Mark a few times at the video store. We talked a little bit. He remained friendly as always. He ended up getting married in 1996 to a girl named Ralee (cool name). Last I knew, they had two kids, and were living in Two Rivers.

UPDATE - 7/20/06 - On July 15th, Kevin Dehne and I stopped to see Mark. He didn't recognize us at first, and was somewhat reluctant. But he soon warmed up. He mentioned that he'd read this blog, and was a bit surprised to find out he'd been squirted with Richard Wheeler's urine. But he laughed about it. Mark lives out in the country, northwest of Two Rivers. He has a gigantic garage next to his normal garage. He's got an old car and a Harley as well. The shots below are of Mark, his wife, his kids, and Kevin and I.


At Thu Feb 02, 05:07:00 PM PST, Blogger jenny said...

Mark's my cousin, he's cool

At Mon Feb 20, 04:14:00 PM PST, Blogger moptopjen said...

I remember him from elementary school. Didn't he live out in "the country"? I'm thinking we were bus-riders 2gether - with Rob Sisel, Ann Rank, ummmm, Brandon, Dave Coenen, .... TR hicks I guess we were. 2day, I'd kill to have the land I grew up on. I remember that he was quiet, but I think I remember times when he was just like the rest of us too.


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