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For my 200th classmate entry, here's Scott.

I believe Scott was at Magee. Although I have no memories of him there. But I know that Meff was friends with him in grade school. So I assume he was there. In fact, I know he was. I've seen pictures.

My first memories of Scott are from Clarke. Scott seemed to have money - or at least his parents did. From what Meff has told me, Scott's home was video game heaven - Atari, Colecovision, the whole works - maybe even the ADAM computer.

I remember Scott walking to school with his boombox. This was no ordinary boombox mind you. His had a fricken' TV in it! I was beyond envious! I'd seen that boombox in the J.C. Penney catalog. But I would never have it.

See my Brad Strouf entry for a head-pounding incident between the two. Scott won.

Scott was a somewhat small guy in stature. But he carried himself bigger. Perhaps he felt ne needed to compensate for his size. It wasn't needed though. Overall, Scott was a pretty nice guy.

I found a photo from Mr. Ashenbrenner's class in 8th grade. Scott is second from the left. Dave Kanera is on the far left. Myself and Chris Staudinger round out the group.

I seem to recall that in high school, he was dating a girl named Julie Clements. And if I'm not mistaken, shortly after they broke up, she got pregnant. Julie was a pretty girl. But she was also very bitchy. I don't think she ever graduated.

In our senior year, I think Scott was a bartender of some sort. I seem to recall him mentioning that his boss routinely violated child labor laws - or at least student labor laws. Not that Scott really cared. I think he was making good money.

I believe Scott was friends with people like Mike "call me Bruce/don't call me Bruce" Schroeder, Brandon Podhola, and perhaps Markus Petkevicius.

In our senior year, rumor has it that Scott really liked his car.

Either in our junior or senior year, I was riding in a car with Dave Svatek, going down Memorial Drive. We noticed Scott and his mother in the car behind us. We smiled and waved. Then I decided to flip him off. A few days later in school, Scott laughed about it. But he also punched me in the arm.

Near the end of our senior year, Scott and fellow graduate Mike (Bruce) Schroder came into the guidance office to use the phone. Scott called Pizza Hut and asked if he could get some sort of special deal if he bought 10 pizzas or so. I think he was arranging some sort of party for one of his classes.

The day after final exams, I was in the school office, getting some sort of graduation thing. Perhaps it was my cap and gown. I don't recall. But I remember asking the the secretary, "How do I know if I even passed everything and graduated?" She replied, "If you didn't, you would have been informed already." Scott and Mike (Bruce) were also there. And they cheered me on, "You made it!" Yes, I made it. In fact, I had 1/2 credit more than I needed.

Scott planned to become a police officer. I don't know if he ever did. I believe for a time he was a security guard at a KMart in Topeka, Kansas. Today I believe he lives in Kansas City. He may be married to a woman named Sheila. But I'm not 100% sure.


At Wed May 03, 08:42:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

Actually, Scott was mostly an Atari king, not too much on the Colecovision/ADAMM front. However, he had a pinball machine and an air hockey table in his basement. Probably the first kid I ever knew who had an inground pool in their backyard as well.

Overall, hanging out with Scott was a blast. He was, in general, a nice guy. He had his wild/larcenous side but overall pretty decent.

Slept over at his house quite a bit as well. This was the early days of cable TV. We logged a great deal of HBO together. Let's see....HELL NIGHT, for some reason, scared the shit out of us. CARLIN ON CAMPUS. We watched this and laughed so hard we were hacking and gagging.

One labor day weekend, Scott and Eric Hanson (I think that was his name...he moved to Manitowoc later) came to my door with their collection cup. They were "collecting" for Jerry's MDA kids. I believe they'd already cleared thirty or forty bucks. I was amazed.

Scott's parents were too cool for school. His dad, a very cool guy, was never around - I think he was in sales and was on the road a lot. His mother, who was terrifically nice, worked at JC Penny's. Her employee discount must have accounted for all the awesome shit Scott had around the house.

Best part of sleeping over at Scott's house? His mother's pancakes in the morning! I don't mean to offend my wife, but this woman's pancakes were almost a religous experience. Thick, fluffy, exploding with flavor....my God.

Scott had, one summer, a rather serious bout of sticky fingers, if you get my drift. He became kind of a shoplifting king and invited me over one day to show off his haul. Pretty good stash, if I recall. Lots of music tapes, some clothes, other stuff. I remember kind of freaking out, thinking "I'm in the presence of a hard core thief!" This didn't stop me from requesting a few cassettes from Evan's on his next haul, of course. MEN AT WORK, please? How 'bout some PINK FLOYD?

Anyway, my days hanging out with Scott were always great fun. We wasted time well together


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