Monday, January 23, 2006


I don't have a whole lot of memories about Sheila. But I can tell you this. She was regarded by others as being a bitch. And thruth be told, she probably was. I wouldn't be too surprised if she would even describe herself as one. She was probably one of those "mess with me and I can be a real bitch" type of girls.

I shared a homeroom with Sheila for four years.

In our sophomore year, we shared Mr. Conrad's 5th hour biology class. At that time, se was dating class of 1987's Brian Hoffman. For whatever reason, Sheila seemed to think that she had a good chance to see her boyfriend walking the halls. So whenever she got the chance, she would walk to the door, and glance up and down the hallway, hopeful thatshe would cathc a glimpse of her boyfriend. To my knowledge, she never did. But it certainly never deterred her. She checked every single day. Ross Hofmann poked fun at her one day for her obsession. She wasn't happy about it.

As nasty as she may have been to others, I can't honestly remember any instance in which she ever treated me poorly. I think I was basically non-existent to her.

My last school memory of her is from our graduation ceremony. She sat next to me, on my left. She was very happy and nice. We engaged in some friendly small talk.

I ran into Sheila many times while at the video store. She ended up marrying class of 1991's Randy Braun. I believe they had two kids. They divorced in 2000.

UPDATE - 9/18/06 - I've just been told that Sheila is currently engaged to be married. In fact, she's tying the knot next month. Congratulations Sheila!


At Sat Jan 28, 11:00:00 PM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

I never had any direct conflict with Sheila, though I must say, she seemed tough as nails, to be sure.

In fact, I recall her taking Miss Hynek on regularly and never backing down. No small feat to be sure. Big 'ole Miss Hynek was nothing short of intimidating.

Sheila was part of the Monroe Street bunch, which included Jeremy Karmen, Cory Schultz, Shane Peterson, and that Nikki Bougneijajdghkhwhatever girl. Therefore, because I hung out with Jeremy on occasion, I seemed to run into Sheila from time to time. Again, no glaring memories stand out.

I remember she had a younger brother Jessie, who I'd invariably run into at the Family Swim Pool over by Magee, across from Ross Remeker's house.

At Sat Jan 28, 11:04:00 PM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

By the way, I must take a moment to mention this, because it seems to be a rather alarming constant.

Is it just my imagination or does this class have an almost VIRAL EPIDEMIC of divorce??? Good lord! What happened?!

As a happily married man five, almost six years along, I feel to be the anomoly here...

Is everything alright out there people?!

At Sun Jan 29, 07:12:00 PM PST, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

No, it's not alright...Divorce does seem to be terribly prevelant with this particular group of people...something in the water perhaps? I managed eleven plus years before mine went belly up, I have also noticed the alarmingly high number of divorces...Walrus, fill us in, what gives?

At Wed Feb 01, 08:56:00 AM PST, Blogger Joe Antonie said...

I seem to recall Jenny and Sheila doing a breakdancing exhibition sometime in sixth grade. They were pretty good too.

At Wed Feb 01, 08:43:00 PM PST, Blogger SonnyKidd said...

Sheila and Cindy Rohr had to have some of the biggest hair back in HS. That's all I got...

At Mon Feb 20, 02:06:00 PM PST, Blogger Mark Gordon said...

I run into Sheila every now and again. I get freaked out by her teath.
That is all I got.

At Thu Feb 23, 07:58:00 PM PST, Blogger Tammy said...

I remember Sheila because she was related to my ex! She was always very nice to me though and yes she was fiesty, you did not want to get on her bad side! I always thought she had pretty hair. Perfect 80's hair, lol.


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