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Where else could I start but with him? He was probably the best friend I had in high school. Yet he and I were only friends for about 21 months. But man, those were some interesting months.

I'll have much more on him later on. But he'll no doubt get mentioned quite often. So an introduction is in order.

Richard and I became best friends at the beginning of our sophomore year. Prior to that we each had had a mutal best friend In Jeff Messerman. But Jeff (who I will from this point refer to as "Meff") had moved in the summer of 1986. So he was no longer around. So naturally, we drifted to each other. Little did I know that during our freshman year (according to Meff) Richard despised me, seemingly out of jealousy that I was taking Meff's time away from him, as Meff and I became a lot closer. But with Meff gone, and with the two of us sharing many common (some would say warped) interests, we became fast friends. And Meff (who had moved to a Milwaukee suburb) came up to visit all the time, as his grandparents still lived in Two Rivers. He also had regular orthodontist appointments in Manitowoc. When Meff was in town, we were all a happy threesome (in a non-sexual way!)

For our sophomore and junior years, Richard and I were somewhat tied to the hip. But we had a falling out at the end of our junior year (which I'll get to at some point) and sort of drifted apart once summer started. During our senior year, we were never enemies. But we weren't friends either. We just coexisted.

I haven't spoken to Richard since June, 1988. But Meff was actually contacted by Richard around 1994. They stayed in touch for about a month or so. And that was it. Not a peep has been heard from him since.

After high school, I had a job working at T&R Video in Two Rivers. I ran into nearly everyone I'd gone to school with. But Richard never popped in. From time to time his mom did though. The last I knew about him, he was living in Los Angeles. For a time, he actually had a job writing reviews for porno movies. Apparently he even had the opportunity to interview the actors and actresses. Cool gig! His mom then mentioned that he had found a new job selling wine. I think she mentioned that he was living with his girlfriend as well.

I recently put a bio on CLASSMATES.COM. I noticed that Richard had signed on, and still had an active E-mail address with them. So I sent him a very brief message. As of today, he has not read it. Which means he probably rarely checks the E-mail address he has with them. But if he responds, I'll let you know.


At Wed Jan 11, 06:59:00 PM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

I'm almost afraid to even go here. Richard conjures up WAY too many memories for me. Most great, a few less so.

I met him in 5th grade. We both had Miss Hynek who was, to be frank, ENORMOUS. (gotta' get used to this brutal honesty thing.)

I'd known about him and seen him around. He and John Kern hung around quite a bit. Kern was kind of TR Royalty and certainly seemed as such in the public school ranks. A real "perfect" kid, loved by all.

God I hated him.


I think I was kind of a breath of fresh air for Richard because I was beginning to explore my inner dirtbag, if you catch my drift. Given the right setting, I cussed like a sailor, I was kind of a weirdo (very few appreciated my brand of humor, and who could blame them...), and I was rather full of myself.

In short, I was an ass.

I even recall various times when he'd remark something along the lines of "boy you're NOTHING like John."

And then it become kind of a quest. To get Richard to give the Kern flagship a full time castoff and see the Messerman light. I guess I must have had a Manson like quality or something because within a month he was telling John Kern, "I'd love to go but I'm doing something with Jeff." Heh heh.

Told you I was kind of an ass.

We were in separate classes in sixth grade but our paths crossed frequently through seventh and eighth. In fact, it was during this time that we refined our insanity to an art form. Literally. As in it manifested itself as a run-on sentence of a homemade comic book satire on the old public TV staple Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. And our version would have found a perfect home in the pages of Hustler Magazine. We wallowed in the scatological. Fred Rogers in drag, feeding $hit to the weak, dropping acid, becoming a fascist of make believe land, etc. It was all very juvinile and at the time we considered ourselves brilliant.

Frighteningly enough, the Rogers comix took over Richard's mind and soul. I swear to you, his pages numbered in the hundreds and kept on going. The material poured from his dull no.2 pencils like a sliced open vein. It was creepy. And kinda' cool.

Anyway, as Burt said, by second year of high school, I was a goner from this circle but Richard and I kept in contact. We made a series of naughty films together, i.e., more Mister Rogers style stupidity. Very John Waters influenced at the time as well.

I can honestly say I miss him and miss those days a bit. Again, we were so full of ourselves and considered ourselves so far above, beyond, and evolved over our peers.

Even though I was still kind of an ass.

At Thu Jan 12, 06:16:00 AM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Poor John. At least he had Todd Wegner to fall back on.

Speaking of John. Did you know that his middle name is Palmer?

I've got a few John Kern stories as well. He was a 1990 graduate. More to come later...

At Sat Feb 04, 06:40:00 AM PST, Blogger moptopjen said...

I have the entire masturbation poem. It's v good.

We must have had to write about each other once, cuz i hv a whole essay on richard. i liked that he would sit in the middle of a pep rally and play cards.

I wrote "when you see him walking down the hall with his leave-me-alone attitue, remember...he's more interesting then he looks."

At Sat Feb 04, 10:52:00 AM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

You have that poem? Wow. Could you post it here in the comments? I'd love to read it again.


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