Tuesday, February 28, 2006


If memory serves, Angie joined us in our sophomore year. Where she came from, I don't know. But I'm glad she did.

In my opinion, Angie was one of the prettiest girls in my class. She's definitely top-5. Hell, she might be #2 behind Jenny. She was a really nice person too.

My first real memories of her are from junior year. I had Angie in the now-famous creative writing class with Ms. Sapa. One day Richard used the phrase "put a broom up her snatch" in some context - unrelated to Angie. Angie hadn't heard that phrase before, and asked, "What's a snatch?" Anyone within earshot started to laugh. Someone (perhaps Tim Koeser?) replied, "You don't know what a snatch is?" To which she responded (a bit louder) "No, what's a snatch?" Everyone was laughing at that point.

During that same year, I think she began going out with fellow graduate Brett Gruetzmacher. In fact, I can't recall who it was. But someone once told me that the two of them were practically attacking each other on a couch at some party, to which they were told to "go get a room."

Angie went out for sports. I believe she was on both the softball and swimming teams.

I think Angie lived next door (or at least in very close proximity) to fellow graduate, Nick Novachek.

I ran into Angie and Brett countless times at the video store. They were always very nice. In fact, I can remember Angie wanting to rent some chick flick one evening. She asked if the film was in. Brett was standing behind her, motioning for me to say no. So I stuck up for him. My boss happened to be there, and was unaware of Brett's pleas. He confirmed my mistake and said that it was in. So Brett watched a chick flick that night.

I believe Angie attended college somewhere. I think she had plans to become an interior designer or something. I don't know if that ever came to be. I do know that she and Brett did end up getting married, and moved to west-central Indiana. Angie was some sort of head planner in a children's learning center for six years. But I think she left that position after having a couple of kids. They still live in Indiana today.


At Wed Mar 01, 05:47:00 AM PST, Blogger moptopjen said...

i agree - pretty person. but inside too. Angie & I were in Forensics 2gether; we scored tops at state with it. did a piece from a play called "coupla white chicks sittin' 'round talkin'". she was quite a good actress; a v cool experience. angie was always so nice. oh, & funny too.
my rents see brett's from time to time & it sounds like they're happy. congrats guys.


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