Wednesday, April 12, 2006


From what I remember, Travis joined me at Clarke. I knew who he was. But I don't think I ever had him in any classes at all.

I remember seeing Travis at McDonalds once. It was perhaps in 7th grade. I was surprised to see that he was drinking coffee. I didn't know that kids drank the stuff. But apparently Travis did.

As a freshman, I had Travis in gym class. Two things stand out. For one, somewhere during the middle of the year, we began having class in the basement gym. After class, it was time to take a shower. What everyone did was get undressed, walk with your towel, then set it on the ground, just outside of the shower area. Everyone basically came up with their own spot to put their towel. I always set mine next to this pipe that came up from the floor. Well on this day, I was the second one out of the shower. I went to grab my towel, but couldn't find it. What the hell? I simply thought it got moved slightly. So I grabbed the next closest one and dried off by my locker. About two minutes later, Travis is out of the shower, and can't find his towel. So he starts cussing. Then he goes up and down the bench and gives a punch to every person drying off. He figured one of them had taken his towel. So he was going to hit them all. Whatever. I'm not sure how he got dry. But he managed. At one point, Kurt Psenicka bellowed out, "Burt took it." I of course denied it.

So what happened here? Well, as I mentioned, I was the second one out of the shower. Who was the first? Kurt Psenicka. I remembered this because as I stepped out, he was looking at me very strangely. So it became clear that Kurt had stolen MY towel. The nerve of him then blurting out that I had stolen Travis'. What an asshole.

The only other memory I have of Travis is that near the end of freshman year, he drove his car to school. I believe Travis was the first person from our clas to do so. Most of us didn't even have drivers' education until sophomore year. But Travis was another one who was born in 1969. So he was old enough.

I think Travis dropped out of school after our freshman year. However, he did come back at some point. I believe in our senior yearbook, he can be seen pictured with the sophomores. But I don't think Travis stuck with school then either. I don't believe he ever graduated.

Over the years, Travis has had a few minor problems with the law. He's also been stopped for drunk driving at least three times. As far as I know, he has never married. Today I believe he lives in Two Rivers, at the home of his parents.

UPDATE - 4/12/06 - Well, an anonymous reader (who must have been waiting for Travis' entry) has provided a link. If you dig through the website, it takes you to (what I assume to be) a mugshot. This is a first. For the sake of completion, the picture is included below. The photo is from 2001. As for the anonymous "phantom" contributor, please E-mail me. I'm curious who sent it. I promise I won't reveal your identity.


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At Thu Apr 13, 08:37:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

I kinda' always felt bad for Travis back in 6th grade, Stodola's class. He was a relatively harmless guy who just didn't seem to be all there, ya' know? He absolutely was in need of some sort of extra attention, scholastically speaking, and no one really gave a shit, least of all Stodola.

If memory serves, he hung around Rob Sisel a lot during that time, and Rob kinda' kept tabs on him, watched over him n' such.

At Sat Apr 29, 09:06:00 PM PDT, Blogger Tammy said...

I do have to post in Travis's defense. I know personally of the charges he was brought up on. No I was not here at the time but know the girl who pressed charges. All is not as it would seem. She was his sorta girlfriend at the time and she lived with him. She was also underage! After this supposed this incident she even begged him to let her move back in with him! She has also made similar claims on 4 other guys. So how much truth there is to the whole thing I cannot say, but something like that, true or not, will haunt him the rest of his life as it has been proven here. I know Travis today and he is very nice and polite. I also know one of his ex's she is a good friend of mine and she says the alligations are false. She was with him at that time as well that is why I said "sorta" girlfriend above. Cheating on someone does not make you a sexual predator. Judge not by the mistakes we have made in the past buy who we are today, we all make mistakes, some worse than others. I honestly believe he was railroaded on this charge.


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