Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Chuck (Charles) joined me at Washington. I had him in homeroom all four years.

Chuck seemed a bit dim. He was chubby guy, and usually looked a bit like a slob. Over the years I think he hung around with people like Kurt Psenicka and Jason Radant. He sometimes was called by the nickname of "Chuckles."

Chuck and I had little or no contact over the years. That was fine with me. Chuck generally seemed grumpy about something. He also seemed to strive to be some sort of bully. But from a physical standpoint, it simply wasn't in him.

About the only real confrontation I had with Chuck was from gym class. I'm not sure it if was sophomore year or junior year. But we were playing basketball in the basement gym. It was two on two. Chuck was teamed with Kevin Minkel. I believe I was with Richard Wheeler. At one time I thought it was Mark Schreiber. But I'm pretty sure it was Richard. Anyway, the two of us weren't really interested in basketball competition. So we just screwed around the whole time. We would "travel" with the ball whenever we felt like it. One time I even grabbed the ball and ran into the hallway, only to emerge in a different door. Chuck and Kevin got incredibly pissed off at us. But what could they do? Kevin was too much of a gentle giant to do anything. And Chuck was too stubby to do anything but swear at us.

In my senior year, Chuck and Doug Wall came to school with mohawks - big mohawks. As I mentioned in my post about Doug, the two of them claimed that they were essentially jumped by a bunch of Milwaukee inner city thugs, who shaved their heads that way. Yeah... right. That was the biggest load of shit I'd ever heard. But whatever. If it made them feel cooler...

For whatever reason, I figured Chuck would never graduate. But I was wrong. Chuck did in fact graduate with the rest of my class. Since that time, I'm pretty sure I've never run into him. It looks like he and his dad (Charles Sr.) ran some sort of business called "Chuckles P&M." I don't think they did too well though, as they have been sued over apparent business-related debts. Today it looks like Chuck still lives in Two Rivers - possibly married to a woman named Kathy.


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