Friday, April 14, 2006


Janice is a girl I met in 4th grade, when I moved to Two Rivers. We had Mrs. Schmidt together.

Soon after arriving in town, I became friends with Chris (Lohr) Storlie. The two of us chose to pick on Janice a lot. She was sort of pale and thin. We found her to be quite ugly. So we teased her all the time. Mind you, we were never cruel or anything. I don't think we ever hurt her feelings. But she did get irritated. Remember those wildlife cards that some classes had? You could also order them from TV. It would be a color picture of an animal. And on the back would be some facts about them. They were really cool. Anyway, we used to go through them and find the ugliest animals we could fine. We'd then set them on Janice's desk. I don't know. It was funny at the time. At least we thought so.

After 4th grade, I think Janice may have moved. For whatever reason, I have no memories of her at all, until high school. As a freshman, she was back.

I will say this about Janice. While I may have found her ugly in 4th grade, she blossomed as the years went by. She was never a supermodel type. But in high school, she looked pretty good - certainly doable.

I don't recall having any classes with Janice in high school. Actually, that's not true. We had Mr. Conrad in bilogy, during our sophomore year. In fact, for awhile, she sat at the table in front of me. I believe she was friends with Tammy Franzen - who sat next to me.

About the only other thing I can remember was a brief conversation in junior year. Or was it senior year? I was with Dave Svatek. And Tammy was talking to him about something. Somehow Janice's name came up in conversation. Tammy alluded to Janice being "easy" - especially when she got drunk.

On our senior video, Janice says that she's going to hang out at the beach for awhile. Not exactly a lofty goal. But, whatever. I don't believe Janice has ever left Manitowoc County. Today she appears to live in Two Rivers. I think she may work for the nuclear plant. To my knowledge, she has never married. But she does have at least one child.


At Fri Apr 14, 07:20:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

"certainly doable"?

You're a classy guy Wardall.

At Fri Apr 14, 07:37:00 AM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

HEHE - She looked good!

At Fri Apr 14, 09:59:00 AM PDT, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Ah, yes..."doable"...both you and Ross Hoffman have potential at Hallmark.


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