Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Here's a girl who I believe dates back to Magee for me. But I don't know if I ever had any contact with her at all.

About the only thing that stands out for me is that in our younger days, some people would refer to her as "grass-ass." How juvenile, yet delightfully funny as I reminisce.

From what I can recall, Dana was somewhat shunned by the popular crowd. She probably wasn't pretty enough for their elite status. She wasn't looked down upon. She just did her own thing. I don't recall who she hung around with. But I think she was somewhat bright - perhaps a bit nerdy.

Dana lived pretty close to me - on the corner of 43rd and Columbus. I had a nasty incident with her little brother - who I believe was named Eric - class of 1997.

One late spring evening, in 1984 I believe, I was hanging out with fellow graduate Lisa King's brother Dan (class of 1994). We each had a metal rod which was sometimes used in barbecues. We were using them as "swords." We were wandering around in the field behind my house, and sauntered over near Dana's house. We saw a bunch of younger kids playing in the yard. We decided to go over and scare them. Dan didn't really want to, and kind of trailed behind me. But I got into Dana's backyard. And we did startle the kids. But I never got within 20 feet of anyone. After that, we just left.

About an hour later, as the sun was setting, I was heading back home. Dan had already left. Suddenly I was grabbed by class of 1988's Rick Zahn - who lived a few doors down from Dana. He was furious and was threatening to kill me. What the fuck? He dragged me back to the area, and brought me to a group of kids who were sitting on the deck behind a house on 43rd street. There were maybe 15 kids - boys and girls of all ages, all younger than me. And they were all screaming at me and swearing. I soon found out why.

Little Eric Grasee had told them all that I had hit him in the head with my "sword." BULL-FUCKING SHIT! Neither Dan or I got anywhere near any of them. This kid was totally lying for some sort of attention. And he was good too. Eric was present. And he described (in pretty effective detail) what I had done and exactly where I had hit him. I pleaded innocence - rightfully so. But I was defenseless. There were no adults anywhere to be found. Just a bunch of kids, and the muscle of Rick Zahn. Despite threats of calling the police, it was decided that I should apologize to Eric.

I was fuming inside. My instinct was to tell them all to go fuck themselves, and have them call the police. But then I thought better of it. Although I was innocent, I had a really bad reputation in the neighborhood. The cops were at my house every other week. There was no way in hell I'd be able to convince anyone that I was innocent - especially when this little liar was so damn convincing himself. I had been in his yard, with a sword. But I never touched him or anyone. And who would believe me over a little kid? So with my blood boiling, I swallowed my pride and humbly apologized to the little fucker. When it was all said and done, Rick took me and started to walk me toward's Dan's house. He was going to tell Dan's parents about the incident as well. Along the way, I told them that Dan had had nothing to do with this, and that I had acted alone. Rick bought it, and simply let me go. So at least I kept Dan out of this bullshit.

I vowed revenge on Rick. But it wasn't his fault. It was that little bastard Eric. I've often wondered why he did that. What kind of person would do such a thing? I could have gotten in serious trouble over his lies. Oh well. I'm probably a better person today than he is. Fucker.

Back to Dana. She blossomed a bit in highschool - at the very least, she gave herself a classic 1980's hairdo. She participated in the senior video, and wished us luck.

I think Dana went to college - perhaps to UWGB. She eventually married class of 1985's Mark Arneman. They have at least one child. For awhile, she worked for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. But she may not be with them any longer. Today they live in Manitowoc.


At Wed Mar 22, 04:42:00 PM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

Nice to see you got over that whole Eric/Rick thing. No hard feelings at all. Sheesh.

At Thu Sep 07, 02:19:00 AM PDT, Blogger tied2thetracks said...

Little Eric Grasee here. I think we need to discuss this issue in private.


Im guessing this is scotty.

At Fri Dec 11, 05:49:00 AM PST, Blogger James Karen said...

This guy is an episode of criminal minds waiting to happen.


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