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He was actually Stan Conrad Jr. His father taught biology at our high school. I had his dad as a sophomore - nice guy.

For the life of me, I don't recall where Stan came from. Was he at Magee? Was he at Clarke? I think yes to both. But I can't be sure.

I have very few memories of Stan. But I do recall something from our freshman year. He and I shared Mrs. Mull's study hall together. One day Mrs. Mull blew up at Stan and took something from him. Whatever it was, she found it disgusting. After stewing over it for a few minutes, she then yelled, "I think I should tell your father. That's what I think I should do. I'm gonna tell your father..." To this day, I have no clue what kind of object she confiscated from him. Does anyone know?

What I remember most about Stan was that in high school, he ended up having some really funky hair. I can't even begin to describe it.

Stan and I were never friends. But we seemed to get along well enough. As high school dragged on, he and I had some mutual friends. In fact, as a senior, class of 1990's Jason Krings invited me to go on some sort of camping trip with he and Stan, and a bunch of others. I ended up declining. When Jason got back, he said that Stan had done "quite well" with the ladies.

After high school, I think Stan went onto college somewhere. I don't believe I have ever run into him. However, I think he married a woman named Shawn, and moved to Arizona. Did Stan follow in his father's footsteps? I believe so. It looks like he's now a college professor.


At Wed Feb 08, 11:49:00 AM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

I feel bad.

In 6th Grade, Stan was in Stodola's class with me. I believe he was tied in with Robin Richmond. In any case, we got along really well. He was a cool guy, dug a lot of the same sci-fi crap like I did, etc.

Enter Richard Wheeler.

He would mercilessly TRASH Stan on a daily basis. Nasty stuff. Really personal shit.

"Stan your breath smells like a landfill!!!"

"Stan your buck teeth are yellower than a yield sign!"

The guy absolutely did NOT have it coming. He was a decent kid.

I hope I didn't egg Richard on but I may have. Either way, because I was tied in to Richard, Stan quickly decided to keep his distance from me.

It's a shame. We probably could have been good friends.

At Fri Aug 11, 06:10:00 AM PDT, Blogger shoot_the_moon said...

Stan was cool. I remember one time a bunch of us went on a trip to Great America. I had the job of calling Stan to get him up. Of course, he didn't pick up the phone. I had to call 4 or 5 times before anyone answered. Believe me, I wasn't too keen on talking to Mr. Conrad after waking him up at 5:00 a.m. Finally Stan got on the phone - groggier than shit, but awake. He showed up at Flemals (our starting point) looking like he just rolled out of bed. Knowing Stan, I'm sure he did just that. I don't think he even brought any extra clothes with him even though we were staying overnight.

At Thu Oct 26, 01:43:00 AM PDT, Blogger blueyedbeauty said...

I took Professor Stan Conrad's class at ASU two years ago. He is still the best professor I've ever had.

He made math classes fun and interesting. And if you ever needed any homework help, he would be available. He never discriminated against anyone.

Is he still teaching at ASU? I know a couple of years ago he wanted to move to Canada.

At Sat Dec 09, 08:44:00 PM PST, Blogger CreativeMuse said...

Stan and I have been in contact on and off over the years. He's still teaching math - advanced math that is - down South. He does come back to Two Rivers over the holidays to visit with the family. We were supposed to hook up the last time he was in town, but he ended up at my old address and freaked out my ex-roomie. LOL! If anyone need to get in contact with him, probably easiest through the college. :)

Class of 90


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