Monday, May 01, 2006


Trey is a guy I met in 6th grade. We had Mrs. Casey together. At some point that year, he and I became friends.

Trey lived in an apartment on 38th Street, I believe. He had a younger brother as well. I used to go over there and play Atari. He was the first one I knew who had the game Pitfall. He also had the game Dodge-Em, which I liked. We'd traded games all the time.

Trey had really big arms. He was a strong kid. The reason behind his strength was easy to pinpoint. His mom had him enrolled in gymnastics for years.

Trey had a facial feature that sort of stood out. He had big lips - really big lips.

Trey also had some sort of mini-motorcycle. He used to ride all over the cemetery grounds, in the field. Of course, as his friend, I got many a ride. That was a lot of fun for an 11-year-old.

After that year, Trey and I pretty much stopped hanging around. But several months later, out of the blue, Trey showed up at my house one day. He had fellow graduate Chad Daffner with him. That was really sort of weird. Chad and I had been friends a few years earlier as well, but had grown apart. So here I had two ex-friends in my room, playing Atari. I don't know. Chad said nothing the whole time.

See my entry on Peter Soucoup for another story about Trey.

Trey stayed in Two Rivers through 8th grade, I believe. I think he then moved somewhere. And where he went is a mystery. I believe I have his name spelled right. Yet the only person who pops up with that name is a 36-year-old (who turns 37 in Septemeber) who lives in Louisiana - and appears to have lived there all his life. So I don't think that's the Trey I knew. As always, if anyone has any information about him, let me know.

UPDATE - 11/24/06 - I got an E-mail from someone who remembers Trey and his brother. But this person would like to remain anonymous. So I'll just copy and paste the E-mail below. Incidentally, I have searched in vain for Trey's location again - to no avail. If I knew Trey's middle name (or initial) or even his birthday, I might have more luck. Actually, if I knew his parents' names, or the age of his brother, that would help too. Anyway, the E-mail is below.

"Trey Schenk for instance, I knew his brother Tim and asked about Trey's odd name. Trey isnt his real name, more of a nick name as he is a third, named after his father who was named after his father. I always thought Trey was cool. I was in the same grade as Tim and Trey was in the 9th grade at Wilson Jr High. I lost track of Trey in HS, but Tim did graduate from Lincoln, so I assume Trey must have as well. I remember both of the Schenk boys as being VERY tall."


At Mon May 01, 12:58:00 PM PDT, Blogger Greg Pagel said...

Trey's real name is Robert Schenk III. "Trey" comes from "The Third."

At Mon May 01, 01:38:00 PM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

How many Robert Schenks could there be? Will you believe several? Anyone know what Trey's brother's name was?

At Mon May 01, 02:42:00 PM PDT, Blogger jenny said...



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