Thursday, April 27, 2006


Brandon has logged in and left a lengthy comment about Dave Coenen, as well as for himself.

Welcome Brandon!


At Thu Apr 27, 06:48:00 PM PDT, Blogger Brandon P. said...

Hi Burt.

I've been lurking since February. For whatever reason, I was hesitant to post something. Much like you, I didn't feel overly attached to the Class of '89.

Its nice to read the stories that everyone has left here. It has jogged some really distant memories. I had all but forgotten high school and moved on with life. Now I find myself remembering things that I would have though were long gone. I will add some thoughts and memories as appropriate like the "Revolution" song request on my section. By the way, how the hell did you remember that. That was at L.B. Clarke!

It appears life has treated you well. That is good to see.

At Thu Apr 27, 07:30:00 PM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

I remember everything - or close to it.

I may not have experienced a whole lot. But what I did, has stayed in my head.

At Thu Apr 27, 09:08:00 PM PDT, Blogger Greg Pagel said...

I thought maybe you asked for that tape so we could learn to play it for the BBall games. "Louie Louie" got old after a while.

Actually, it didn't... it was always fun.

At Fri Apr 28, 05:29:00 AM PDT, Blogger Brandon P. said...

Hi Greg. I left some comments in your section. Good to hear from you.

At Fri Apr 28, 06:34:00 AM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

I'm curious how you found the website.

At Fri Apr 28, 07:33:00 AM PDT, Blogger Brandon P. said...

Burt, I heard about it from Lisa (Pauze) Ott. I see her from time to time because her daughter and my son are in the same class. I don't think she has visited the site but heard about it from someone else. I don't know who.

At Fri Apr 28, 07:38:00 AM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Wow! That's amazing to me. I had no idea she would have had kept in contact with anyone. I hadn't even done her entry at the time. It makes me thing there are many, many more people lurking about.


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