Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I mentioned him in the previous post. So why not?

Peter first joined us in 7th grade. He shared a few classes with my group. He seemed to have somewhat of a British accent. As it turned out, he was simply high-pitched and snooty.

Peter was a first class asshole. He was holier than though, and thought he was above everyone else. But he was far from it! He had only a small number of friends. Overall, he wasn't very well-liked.

Let's be honest here. Peter carried with him every homosexual stereotype there was. Was he gay? I don't know. But I sure wouldn't bet against it. In today's society, you might even put the metrosexual label on him. I can recall Chip Pelnar once referring to him as a "little femme." You nailed it Chip!

I had Peter in Mr. Franke's 8th grade science class. Mr. Franke had tables. Two people sat at each. I sat with Ken Bartz. Peter sat with Robin Richmond. Ken and I used to annoy Peter every chance we got. He would get so flustered. It was great. What it means, I have no idea. But I remember Ken and I constantly repeating "Eat your Peter, on a platter." I don't know. But whatever we were saying, Peter didn't like it.

As we got into high school, Peter became even more annoying. I know he despised me, and loved to make fun of me. I remember him in French class one day. He happened to be sitting next to Jenny Malley. And he was quietly trashing me. "Look at his hair." Granted, my hair style was awful. But I'll take any Peter Flora insult as a badge of honor. Anything I can do that irritated him was fine by me. And bless her heart, Jenny didn't acknowledge Peter's comment. I knew there was a reason I loved her!

As far as I know, Peter Flora's best friend was Robin Richmond. But as the years passed, I believe Robin came to dislike Peter as well. Wow. That says something. Anyway, my friend Scott Jaklin once told me that Robin was left in charge of the Flora's house once, when they went on vacation. I believe Robin had to come by and feed the cat or something. Well, Scott went with him one day. Scott thought as highly about Peter as most everyone else did. He couldn't stand him. But he was curious to see Peter's room. Peter (for whatever reason) had locked his bedroom door before leaving. But Scott found a way to break into it without causing any damage.

Scott described an impeccably clean room where absolutely everything had its place. Peter even had labels on his drawers - "sock drawer," "underwear drawer"... How pathetic is that?

Peter moved away after our junior year. I don't think anyone knew he was gone, or even missed him. I believe he moved to Florida. Pity the sunshine state.


At Thu Jan 26, 01:25:00 PM PST, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

...even his last name was strangely feminine...that's all I got.

At Mon Jan 30, 10:46:00 AM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

I had the extreme misfortune of being this little bitch's "friend" in 7th and/or 8th grade.

He first moved here in 7th, if I'm not mistaken. Swokowski, the artguy, seated him next to me. We hit it off okay but I was amazed how many people hated his guts so quickly.

Needless to say, I did do my best to distance myself from him as time wore on. Socially, I had it bad enough, I didn't need this whiny femme botching shit up even worse for me.

One interesting factoid...he was rather popular with the ladies. I remember in freshman year, he seemed to have a weird female entourage - people like Julie Landon and perhaps Pam Schley or Sharla Peters.... I don't exactly recall which gals were part of the Peter Brigade but I do remember being amazed and perplexed by it.


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