Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Debbie's a girl I first met at Clarke. I believe she was at Magee as well. But I didn't come to know her until middle school.

Debbie was one of the lucky souls who got to spend every single class with me during 7th grade. Debbie was a very quiet girl - quiet and shy. She was a cousin of fellow graduate, Rod Lumaye.

Only one real memory stands out. Don't ask me why, but Toby Schwartz and I used to tease her that year by saying, "Debbie has a boner. Debbie has a boner." We repeated it constantly. It made no sense. Oh well.

In addition to her shyness, Debbie was also very smart. She was definitely 4.0 potential.

Other than that, I don't have much more to say about her. I will say that she was a pretty friendly girl. Any conversations I had with her were always pleasant. As a final note, she had some pretty big glasses. But looking back, everyone who wore them, had giant glasses.

I ran into Debbie a couple of times at the video store. In fact, I think we crossed paths there after she'd married. She was then known as Debbie Olvera. But that marriage didn't last. They divorced in 1994. It doesn't look like they had any children together. Since then, she has remarried, and now goes by the name of Debbie Vaness. They have at least two children. Debbie, her husband, and those two kids all have names that start with the letter "D." For awhile, Debbie worked for a company that provided dental products. But she no longer works there. Today she lives in Kewaunee County, about halfway between Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay.

UPDATE - 6/12/07 - Thanks to Carrie Franz for this little tidbit. Apparently Debbie is now living in Casco, and may be working for WPS in Green Bay.


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