Friday, April 28, 2006


"Missy" joined me at Clarke. I spent the entire 7th grade with her. We had every class together.

For most of the year, Missy was friends with fellow Missy, Missy Vertz. See my Missy Vertz story to read the falling out these two had.

Missy was a bubbly blonde. To be honest, I always viewed her as a bit of an airhead. But I never knew her well enough to confirm that.

For a very brief time in 7th grade, Missy and Toby Schwartz were some sort of item. I was friends with Toby at the time. It was really weird. He told Jim Colby and I about it. But we were sworn to secrecy - as was Toby. It's like Missy didn't want anyone to know. I don't know. Whatever they had lasted perhaps a week.

Missy had a really cute older sister, class of 1988's Michelle Ducat.

As the years went by, Missy and I didn't have much contact with one another. As I recall, Missy was good friends with Cindy Hayes. In fact, the two of them would come into the video store together from time to time. That was a lot of blonde hair flowing around! Missy came in quite often. She came in with her boyfriend quite a bit as well. I don't know who he was. But he had almost as much hair as her. Missy eventually married class of 1990's Scott Redeker. Was Scott the big-haired guy from the early 1990's? I don't know. Possibly. Today they live in the wormhole. The what? They actually live on somewhat of a hidden road that goes from Grafton to Thiensville, which bypasses Cedarburg. Years ago, Meff and I dubbed that road "the wormhole." On a whim, Meff and I searched for her house and found it. She has a wraparound driveway in the front. We drove in and drove out.


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