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Kris is a girl I met in 4th grade, when I first moved to Two Rivers. We had Mrs. Schmidt together.

Kris and I never had much contact with each other. Although she was friendly enough to me. To me she always had somewhat of a plain-Jane look. But what do I know?

In 7th grade, Kris and I shared every single class together. I seem to recall that she and Jason Anderson were some sort of couple for a few days. I distinctly remember the two of them playfully pushing each other around a bit, up against the curtain in Mr. Longhini's room.

At some point Kris got heavily involved in dance. I think she was also involved in some local theater productions. In fact I know she was. Because she ran into a few people in Manitowoc who asked about me, having known me before I moved to Two Rivers. If memory serves, she went away for awhile to some dance school or something - possibly in New York. I recall that when she got back at some point, she mentioned that her parents didn't want her to return to that school because a lot of the students were on drugs. I suspect that either her parents relented, or they found another school. Because after junior year, she was gone. But as far as I know, her parents were still in Two Rivers. I was actually their paperboy for awhile. They had a nice dog.

I can only assume that Kris continued on with dance, and is some sort of teacher today. She's also married, and now goes by the name of Kris Morgan. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida. The pictures below show Kris in a news article from May, 2000. In the first picture, she's in the back, teaching two students some sort of snake dance. In the second picture, she's seated on the right, watching (and judging) auditions for something.


At Wed May 10, 07:22:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

Agreed on all fronts except one. The "plain-jane" one.

Dude, this girl rocked. I thought she was the bee's knees from day one, grade 1. (Mrs. Kornely, for those keeping score at home.) She had a great attitude and the looks to boot.

Sorry, but I must vehamently oppose the blogmaster on this one. Kristine Kahlenberg was a hottie whom I pined for from afar for the majority of my young life.

She was always very cordial and nice to me though she must have thought I was a total weirdo for the sole reason that when she spoke to me, I'd have a minor cardiac arrest...("OH MY GOD SHE TALKED TO ME SHE TALKED ME....")

At Wed May 10, 08:25:00 AM PDT, Blogger mimikatemom said...

Meff, your comments reminded me of a reunion scene involving Jeremy Piven's character on "Gross Pointe Blank"....funny. Possibly Kris moved to Manitowoc at some point...I think maybe following the death of her father? I hung around with Kris some...middle school I think, and she was always great. It's nice to see people who are able to find careers that compliment what they love to do. Hope that's what the pics demonstrate. I have vague recollections of her at our 10? year reunion and it was sort of a surprise.

At Wed May 10, 08:55:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

Grosse Pointe Blank is one of the best screenplays of the past ten years, very underrated.


Cusack: I freaked out, I joined the military, I became a hired hit man!

Piven: Is there post-graduate work for that?

At Wed May 10, 08:59:00 AM PDT, Blogger mimikatemom said...

Ha, you're right about the movie. I was thinking of when he's trying to say hi to "Jenny ???"

At Wed May 10, 09:02:00 AM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Now THAT is how it should be! I'm a firm believer that for people like Kris (people who didn't actually graduate from the school, but spent all of their childhood in the school system) should at the very least be given an invitation to a reunion. Kris was around through her junior year. Surely most of her school memories are going to be from Two Rivers, and not from wherever it is that she actually finished.

Apparently Amy Musial was at a reunion as well, even though she finished her senior year in Manitowoc.

Roughly 165 people graduated from this class. But I'd say at least 200-210 would be worthy of an invitation to a reunion.

Terry Hug and Mike Danzy - probably not.

But Kris Kahlenberg, Amy Musial, Kevn Dehne, Scott Jaklin, Ken Bartz, Kevin Koehler, Meff, Bill Kaderabek, Doug Wall, Kurt Psnicka... - DEFINITELY!

Ok, I wouldn't lose any sleep if someone forgot to put a stamp on Kurt's.

At Wed May 10, 09:38:00 AM PDT, Blogger mimikatemom said...

Does that mean you're volunteering to head the committee in charge of locating people/sending invites? ;)
Please remember that no one was intentionally excluded from the mailing list...seems like if a person wants to be found they would leave a forwarding address with WHS....(devils advocate)

At Wed May 10, 09:47:00 AM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

I have addresses. Oh, do I have addresses...

At Wed May 10, 12:34:00 PM PDT, Blogger Greg Pagel said...

Kris was one of the few kids in our neightborhood who was pleasant enough to hang around with as a kid. I remember builing snow forts with her in our backyard.

Kris went to the Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen (near Traverse City), MI. I was there for a summer camp in 88 and saw pictures of her in a brochure for the dance dept.

She became a proffessional dancer for a while, but had to stop because of a dance-related back injury. She continues to work a lot as a choreographer -- I think she lives in Orlando and choreographs the shows at Bush Gardens.

I type this info from memory. I could be a little off, but I think that's pretty close. I always liked Kris a lot. She was hip.


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