Thursday, April 27, 2006


Mark is a guy who joined me at Washington. He was kind of a hard guy to figure out. He had some pretty thick glasses. He sometimes appeared to be a bit nerdy. But that wasn't his persona either.

I had Mark in gym class that year. I can recall playing softball, and making a nice running catch of a line drive he hit. I was never the athletic type. But I have always been extremely competitive, and more than held my own - and surprised a lot of my classmates in doing do. Mark gave me some shit for catching his hit. But he gave me kudos as well.

See my Craig Rysticken entry for another gym class story involving Mark.

As the years progressed, I think Mark started hanging around with the likes of David Kanera. Mark sometimes seemed a bit like a bully. But overall, he was pretty friendly and accepting of most.

Mark always seemed sort of "stiff" to me - literally. You can see it on our senior video as well. It's like he's almost robotic, and unable to move his limbs as freely as most humans.

Also on that video, he's seen with fellow graduate Kelly Siudzinski on his lap. At the time of the video shoot, they were apparently a couple. I certainly don't recall that at all. Perhaps they were together for just that one day.

After high school, I ran into Mark a couple of times at the video store. I also ran into him at UW Manitowoc, during the 1990-1991 school year. We had a math class together. And at that time, Mark seemed sort of grungy. He wore big boots, tattered jeans and a flannel shirt - perhaps with a jean jacket coat as well. He always had the look of someone who was hungover.

At some point in the 1990's, Mark was charged with possession of THC. It doesn't look like he's ever left the city of Two Rivers. He still lives there today. As far as I can tell, he's never married. The picture below is probably from the last year or so. It was taken in regards to some golf tournament. Mark is on the far left, in the red shirt.


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