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Mr. Wolfe was one of the gym teachers at Clarke during 6th and 7th grade. I don't remember his first name.

Mr. Wolfe had a nickname. I have no clue if I'm spelling this correctly. But several of the students called him "Pogi." What the hell did that mean? I have no idea. I refused to call him that. I didn't find the man endearing at all.

See my entry on Julie Scott for another memory of the man.

I don't have a whole lot of specific memories about him. But I do know that he didn't like me. The feeling was mutual. He was a little bit strict too. So it's not like I fooled around a whole lot in there.

Wolfe had something wrong with his teeth. I can't recall exactly. It may have been a gap, or a missing tooth or something. But when he got angry, he would get right into my face and snarl. The man honestly looked like a beast close up. And when he got mad, he fumed.

Egged on by Jenny Malley, Kevin Dehne used to try and "depants" a few people from time to time. One of those victims was me. One was Toby Schwartz. Kevin used to literally sneak up behind us and pull our shorts down. Toby was lucky enough to have a shirt that practically went down to his knees. So you couldn't even see his udnerwear when he got hit. I wasn't as fortunate. All that fun came to an end one day when Wolfe spotted Kevin doing it. In no uncertain terms, Kevin was warned to stop, or face an immediate suspension. He stopped.

In the spring of 7th grade, I got in trouble for throwing a tennis racket up in the air. I was forced to sit by myself on the tennis courts, while everyone else participated in gym. That was no loss. But man, Wolfe was pissed! He came up and grabbed my shirt around the neck area, and forced me to the ground. Quite honestly, the punishment didn't fit the crime. I'm convinced that Wolfe simply despised me, and was always looking for a way to do something to me. Two things happened to me that day. Kevin spit on my jacket. Wolfe made him take it (a Brewers jacket) and go inside and wash it off. Kevin grumbled and walked as slow as could be. But he did it. Secondly, about a half hour later, Jason Anderson came by, looked down on me, and let out the biggest gob of spit I've ever seen. Oh well.

I can't recall exactly what happened. But somehow Kevin and I got in trouble one day. He kicked us out of the gym. We didn't know where to go, as he didn't tell us to go to the office or anything. So we went into the lunchroom, snuck down the back hall, and got back in the locker room to change our clothes. Then we went outside, and hung around the backdoor area outside of the gym. After about 15 minutes, Wolfe (for whatever reason) opened the door, saw us, and screamed at us to come back inside.

At the end of the year, Wolfe found the opportunity to come up to me and say, "Wardell, (they always say "dell") I hope they take my recommendation and hold you back a year." My response to him was, "You wanna put up with me for another year?" Then he smiled and said, "I won't have to. I'm not gonna be here next year."

Asshole. As if the gym teacher has that kind of power. I passed his fuckin' class. So what the hell?

I think Wolfe went over to Magee to teach. At least that's where he was during my senior year. I don't know what I was doing there, but I wandered around that school at some point that year. I think Scott Jaklin was with me. But anyway, we saw a small picture of him hanging on his office door. I wanted to rip it down and spit on it. But his office was in plain view of the main office. So I couldn't do it. I don't know where Wolfe is today. But I hope he's no longer teaching.

UPDATE - 9/7/07 - Well, it looks like we now know Mr. Wolfe's first name. It was Larry. Sad news from the Herald Times Reporter.

Posted September 6, 2007

Lawrence A. 'Larry' Wolfe

Lawrence A. "Larry" Wolfe, age 68, of Lakewood, died at his home with his family at his side after a short battle with cancer.

Larry was born on March 24, 1939, to Lyman E. and Myra Dillon Wolfe in New London, where he grew up. He served his country honorably in the U.S. Army. After his discharge, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, as a physical education teacher. He taught in Hartford for three years, and in Two Rivers for 28 years. On Aug. 7, 1965, he married Jeanne Cooney. Larry and Jeanne were honored by family and friends with a surprise 40th anniversary party in 2005. Larry was very handy, having constructed two homes: one in Mishicot where he raised his family and in which his son Brian and family now live; and the second in which he lived during his retirement in Lakewood. He was a member of the McCaslin Lions Club, Lakewood. He was an outdoor enthusiast, especially enjoying golfing, hunting and spending time with his grandchildren. Larry and Jeanne also enjoyed traveling.

He is survived by his loving wife of 42 years: Jeanne; two sons: Brian (Jenny) Wolfe, Mishicot; and Scott (Michelle) Wolfe, Green Bay; five grandchildren: Dylan, Carter, Jordan, Kyra and Lauren Wolfe; one sister: Jane Ann (Bruce) Kluge, Hortonville; two brothers: Tom (Sue) Wolfe, New London; and Dough (Pat) Wolfe, Waupaca; several nieces, nephews, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law also survive. He was preceded in death by his parents; and one sister: Jean Meshke.

The family will receive visitors on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2007, at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Hortonville, from 9 until 10:30 a.m.

The funeral Mass is at 10:30 a.m. at the church, with Father David Lewis officiating.

Suminski Funeral and Memorial Service, Wabeno, 715-473-3131, is assisting the family.

Larry's family extends deep appreciation to everyone who helped them during his illness.


At Fri Dec 19, 07:44:00 PM PST, Blogger Wondering said...

Mr. Wolfe was actually a great guy outside of school. I had him as a teacher back in the day. It wasn't until I met my husband and started hanging out with Mr. Wolfe's son that I got to know him. He was fun to party with. All around great man. He is very missed.


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