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Brian is a guy who went to Koenig school. So I didn't become aware of him until he got to Clarke.

As has been mentioned many times, in 7th grade, the 25-30 classmates I had in homeroom also had every class together with one another. On occasion however, some students would join our group for a class or two. One of those guys was Brian Klein. He got to witness all of our antics in Mrs. Westburg's chorus class.

Brain was pretty friendly. We all called him "Kleinal" that year. He'd just smile and wave. He wasn't a troublemaker or anything. He just did his thing.

I got to know Brian a little bit during freshman year. He became good friends with Ron Gretz. Ron and I were friends. So we would sometimes be in the same circle. In fact, Brian was one of a handful of people who knew all the details surrounding the ceiling tiles incident. On the day we got caught, Brian was actually on some sort of band trip - or music trip. Mr. Wood wanted to get his "deposition." So he had to wait a day. Other than knowledge though, Brian wasn't involved in our criminal activites in any way.

Over the remainder of high school, Brian and Ron remained best friends. They were almost inseparable - tied to the hip (in a non-sexual way) one might even say.

On our senior video, the makers of the film sort of poked fun at the two of them for changing their minds about what they planned to say. In the end, Brian simply stuck out his tongue to all the underclassmen.

Brian planned to go into the navy. No, I think it was the army. Anyway, I believe he went to San Diego and did just that. I think he spent most of the 1990's out there. But it looks like he actually may have spent a little time in Alaska as well. However, it looks like he returned to Two Rivers in the late 1990's. He remains there today. Last I knew, Brian was working at a factory in the area.

It looks like Brian married a woman named Shaunda. I think they have at least one child. But I'm not 100% sure of that. For a hobby, the two of them enjoy karaoke. In fact, if you search the internet, you can find a picture (and video clips) of his wife winning a karaoke competition.

UPDATE - 6/18/07 - Thanks to Shannon Koch for providing this photo of Brian from graduation day, June 4th, 1989. He can be seen on the far right, next to Randy Klein.


At Wed Nov 22, 11:53:00 AM PST, Blogger nwalk said...

Brian still works at the factory, same one as Chad Bennin, me, and Randy Lackershire. He can be funny, but mostly, he comes off as an arrogant prick. He isn't well liked.

At Thu Dec 07, 08:27:00 PM PST, Blogger B.K. said...

hey nate, it's not called arrogance it's called honesty. And when the truth hurts your feeelings or makes you feel belittled, That's not my fault. It's also odd how everyone you write about that you see now is arrogant. Maybe you have your own issues to work out. As far as being well liked. I didn't know that was such an important thing. I could care less if you liked me well or not.

At Sat Dec 09, 09:05:00 PM PST, Blogger CreativeMuse said...

I remember Brian from my Junior year in school. He was a grade ahead of me and we dated for a short time while he went off and became a sailor. :) I may even still have his letters home stuffed in a shoebox somewhere. Don't recall him ever being arrogant, only a gentleman. Thanks Brian! It was fun while it lasted. Glad to hear you made it through the "vampire" classes out in California. Hehe!

-Monica K
Class of 90

At Wed Feb 01, 02:33:00 PM PST, Blogger Dawn (Love) Chaloupka said...

I remember hanging in the gym at school before wwe had to go to class and Brian always new how to make me laugh. Glad to here you are happy and found someone to share your life with


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