Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Boy, this is a tough one. I think she was with us at Clarke. But I'm not sure. Did I ever have any contact with this girl? Not that I recall.

Wendy was a somewhat lanky girl - kind of tall, and very thin. She had a runner's body. Hence she was a member of Mr. Wheeler's track team.

Other than that, I really have no memories of her. I think I may have had her in Mr. Hensel's class in our senior year. But that's it. Oh wait. I think I had her in Ms. Neveau's speech class junior year as well.

As far as I know, Wendy has never left the city of Two Rivers. She married class of 1988's Brian Kohlmeier. In fact, did I have both Brian and Wendy in that speech class? Anyway, I ran into Wendy a few times at at the video store. The two of them rented movies from time to time. In fact, Brian was quite late with a few tapes once. So my boss sent him one of those standard letters which threatens calling the police or taking legal action. He laughed when I told him that Brian was a cop. The letter worked though, and the tapes came back. I believe they live in Two Rivers to this day.


At Wed Feb 22, 07:50:00 PM PST, Blogger PJ said...

Wendy was at Clarke with us and she and I were in the infamous chorus class with Mrs. Westburg. Do you remember on Fridays we'd sing all of those cheesy John Denver songs? Let it be known...I wanted one of those lead parts in "Teen the Musical", but didn't get one....oh my broken heart.

Wendy is a teacher...I think at TRCCS and she and Brian have two sons.

Wendy hasn't changed a bit since high school.


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