Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I'm not sure if Shannon joined me at Clarke or Washington. I'm leaning towards Washington though.

Boy, I don't know what I can say about her. She seemed nice enough. But did she and I ever have a spoken word between us? Not that I can recall. I can't even recall having her in any classes.

I always considered Shannon to be in the same mold of Chris Soppe or Ellen Dawidowich - big glasses, sort of brainy-looking, but sort of cute as well.

On our senior video, Shannon pulls her hair back and makes a face. I always wondered what the deal was with that. However, I think I figured it out now. She had big ears - or at least ears that stuck out a bit. Actually, had she not paraded them like that, I don't think they would really stand out.

Shannon basically had one plan after high school. She was planning to get married in the summer of 1990. I think she did just that. She now goes by the name of Shannon Peitersen. I'm guessing that her husband went to Lincoln in Manitowoc, and graduated in 1990. I believe they have two kids, and live in Manitowoc to this day - a few blocks from my parents actually. As far as I know, Shannon is a stay-at-home mom.

And for the completists out there, I couldn't find a picture of her. But I did find a picture of her church. Who knows? Maybe she was in the church when this picture was taken.

UPDATE - 6/18/07 - Yesterday Kevin and I stopped in to see Shannon. We had a blast with her. We talked with her for maybe an entire hour. Shannon had lots of stories. What struck her most was that of all people to do something like this, Kevin and I are the ones. The irony was not lost on her.

Like I said earlier in this entry, I don't believe Shannon and I ever said one word to one another. As it turns out, she thought I was some sort of freak - which was pretty much accurate. She even remembered that my trapper keeper had pictures of Charles Manson on it - as well as other vile things. I got the impression that back in high school, she viewed me as someone she wanted to stay very clear of.

Shannon was quite surprised to see us. She apologized that her house smelled like onions. She also said that had she known we were coming, she would have cleaned herself up a bit. I told her she looked good - to which she scoffed. Then again, that's a common reaction from nearly every female in the world. But truth be told, I thought Shannon looked real pretty - prettier than in high school.

I'd heard a rumor that Shannon and her husband had a ton of kids. As it turns out, they have three. Their oldest in nine. The two youngest ones (I think) are four and two.

Shannon let us into her house, and down into her basement, where she pulled out her photo albums. Needless to say, she had TONS of pictures - many of which were taken in school. She let us borrow them. The total count is well over 100. So it will take some time to scan them in. But once I get them, they're all being posted on this blog.

I think we could have talked to her and her husband for another hour. But it was time to go. So she supplied us with sodas, and sent us on our way. Before we left, we took a bunch of pictures. You can see them below.

UPDATE - 6/18/07 - Yes, two updates in one day for Shannon. Some of the numerous photos have been scanned in. The ones below are of Shannon on graduation day, June 4th, 1989. Some of the photos also feature Lisa Koch, Brett Gruetzmacher, Randy Klein and Brian Klein.


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