Friday, February 24, 2006


David Duvall was a nice guy. He was also a nerd. That seems like such a strange word today. But by every definition, that was Dave.

Dave was with us at Clarke. Although I have no memories of him there.

In our freshman year, I actually sat across from Dave at lunch, many days. Dave was a nice guy - very friendly. He was good friends with Don Ciha. Over the years, he was a member of the chess team, as well as an active member of the school newspaper staff - I think.

I remember him telling me once that George Lucas had allegedly said that "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return Of The Jedi" would never be allowed on cable. About a month later, "Empire" premiered. Oops!

In junior year, Richard and I used to call him "pickles." Don't ask me why. There is no reason.

I had Dave in Mr. Hensel's class, senior year. Hensel would often chide Dave by saying, "Don't smile when you talk!" This exchange went on all year long. Dave couldn't help it. He had a bit of an underbite. So he always looked like he was smiling. It was kind of funny to see Hensel's frustration.

Dave was kind of a lanky guy - tall and lanky, very thin. Picture Gilligan without the hat.

On our senior video, Dave cracked some sort of joke where he said his full name - which consisted of about eight or nine long names. I didn't get it.

In addition to Don Ciha, I think he also hung around with people like Carrie Franz, Rod Lumaye and Debbie Lumaye.

After high school, I assume he went onto school somewhere. He married a woman named Denise. Last I knew, they were living in the Neenah/Menasha area.

UPDATE - 11/10/06 - Here is Dave on our senior video. Check out the name he gives. I still don't get it.


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