Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Kelly is a girl who joined me at Clarke. I believe she was there all three years.

I never knew much about her. She seemed more geared towards the popular set. Plus, I don't think I ever had her in any classes at all. So we had virtually no contact with each other.

See my entry on Cindy Rohrer for a possible nude sighting of Kelly.

I do recall that at one point in 7th grade, all the chorus classes came down and were practicing their parts for the "Teen" musical. They were actually on the stage. Kevin Dehne and I managed to duck out of there, and were running free in the music room and hallways. Although everyone was on stage, they'd left their books and stuff in Mrs. Westburg's class. So Kevin and I started digging through some purses. We found Kelly's. When Kevin unzipped hers, we found a wad of notes that were so plentiful that it seemed inpossible that they would fit in there to begin with. So Kevin took them. About an hour later, Mr. Longhini confiscated them from him, and allegedly returned them to Kelly.

About the only other thing that I recall about Kelly is a nasty rumor that surrounded her. This story is a famous "urban legend." But I first heard it in regards to Kelly, about 20 years ago. As the story goes, Kelly was having a bit of fun inserting a hot dog into her naughty bits. And allegedly the hot dog broke, and part of it became lodged up in her. She couldn't get it out. And of course she ended up having to go to the doctor.

Did this happen? I highly doubt it. My friend Dave Svatek apparently knew Kelly at one point. And Kelly completely denied that it ever happened. Of course, who wouldn't? But still, I'd be quite surprised if this were true.

I believe Kelly moved after 8th grade. Where she went is unknown to me. Unfortunately, her name is far too common to try and track down. If I knew her parents' name or her old address in Two Rivers, perhaps I could locate her. Until then, Kelly and her urban legend are gone with the wind.

Below are two pictures of Kelly. Thanks to Cindy Rohrer for providing them. In the top picture, she's right in the middle. In the bottom one, she's second from the right. These are both from L.B. Clarke - in 7th or 8th grade.

UPDATE - 8/8/07 - With a little help from Cindy Rohrer, I was able to find Kelly. She is now married and is living in Brillion. She's now known as Kelly Selle. I believe she works for some place called Encore Unlimited. Beyond that, I know little else. But hey, at least I found her.


At Tue Apr 11, 07:51:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

You are mistaken on one point. I had Kelly Hall in 3rd and possibly 4th grade so she definitely was at Magee with us.

She had a penchant to be a bit on the bitchy side but I always had a thing for her! She seemed to live near and hang around with Craig Rysticken a lot which I absolutely held against her.

At Tue Apr 11, 12:00:00 PM PDT, Blogger CindySue said...

Kelly is in the 4th grade picture. She is the one on the top left. I always got a long with Kelly when she wasn't around Erik.


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