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Kim is a girl who joined me at Washington. I think she went to one of the catholic schools in town.

In my opinion, Kim was a very pretty girl. And to top it off, she was also one of the nicest girls you'd ever care to meet. She was so friendly and outgoing. From what I could tell, there were no cliques with her. She treated everybody equally, regardless of where they stood on the social ladder. She was a sweet girl. There's no other way to describe her.

During our freshman year, it was nearly impossible to see Kim without seeing Jeff Bodwin trailing her. What was the deal with that? You could be talking to Kim in the hall, then suddenly you'd be accosted by her big fat shadow. They couldn't have been a couple. Could they? Were the related in some way? Were they good friends? I don't know. But when you saw Kim, Jeff was sure to follow.

Kim got involved with plays and musicals. I think she had the lead in one of the productions during our senior year. Was it "The Music Man?" Kim can also be seen on the senior video singing with Julie Landon and Kelli Kupsch.

I believe in our junior year, she began to go out with fellow graduate Chad Bennin. Richard and I would sometimes kid her about that. They seemed like polar opposites. Chad had an out-of-control ego. While Kim was... well Kim. We used to refer to Kim as "Cookies." Why? Who knows.

I ran into Kim several times at the video store. I rented to her dad and little brother too. She was always a delight to see. She had a great smile, and was very nice to to talk to.

Kim may have gone to school in Green Bay. I'm not sure. She may not have gone at all. It looks like she stuck around the Manitowoc/Two Rivers for many years. However she appears to have stayed in Oshkosh for the last several years. For a time she was an assistant manager at a bar there. But I don't think that bar exists today. Surprising (to me) it doesn't look like she's ever married. Maybe she has no interest to. I don't know. But if she's still the same girl today as she was in high school, then she's a major catch.

UPDATE - 6/26/06 - I found the recent pictures of Kim. You can see them below. Apparently she now lives in Neenah.

UPDATE - 10/9/06 - Kim and Chris Staudinger attended a wedding in Manitowc on Saturday, 9/30/06. Afterward, they drove down to my house for the double birthday part for my wife and I. Jeff "Meff" Messerman was also there. You can see five photos from the evening below.


At Mon May 22, 05:50:00 PM PDT, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Hmmm...if I would have gotten together with Kim, then we could have been "Oreo Cookies."

I know, that was dumb...

See Tina Short's comments section for an explanation if anyone reads this and it makes no sense...

At Wed May 24, 12:07:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

Initially, I figured I'd leave this open wound alone but for the completists out there, I guess I'll comment.

In short, I fell for her. BAD.

I met her freshman year. She spoke to me. That's right. A dweeb like me. She SPOKE to me. On the first day of class in Mrs. Fischer's english, final hour of the day. A seating chart was to be floated the next day. So I did what any normal, red-blooded American (and terminally smitten) kid would do...

I went home and knelt under the stars and prayed, bellowing to the heavens, "God, I ain't asked for much lately, probably nothing since my Atari, but please, SIT HER AND I AT THE SAME TABLE!!!"

For those of you questioning the existance of a higher power, look no further...

Next day, Kim and I are indeed at the same table.

(*note: I recreated this moment almost verbatim for my soon-to-be-shelved feature film, Spiderville)

Anyway, I jumped through flaming hoops all year long to impress her. I cracked gags, both good and bad. She laughed at both. I wrote really long poems, most of them downright arcane and insipid. (I actually wrote her a love poem that was titled "The Andalusian Gypsies." Don't ask. Half of it was plagerized from Benny Hill, the other half William Butler Yeats. Probably the first and last time those two shared the same ink.)

Anyway, the year came and went and not once did I open my yap to tell her how nuts I was for her. Probably for the best. I always wondered if she actually liked me or just "tolerated" me for the charity case that I most undoubtedly was.

Oddly enough, once I moved to the Milwaukee area, we kept in contact for a short while via the US Postal Service. Even then, nothing changed. I wrote lengthy letters filled with fiction and poetry, most of which I actually never sent for fear of rejection.

In summary, I must say, Kim Nokes was my first, like, blinding, crippling, totally debilitating crush. And as "painful" as that can be at such a young age, it, to this day, instills nothing but a happy nostalgia.

Simpler times indeed.

At Tue Jun 13, 07:35:00 PM PDT, Blogger Kelli said...

I keep in touch with Kim, she lives in the Appleton area. She also has a son. He is just a kind and sweet as she is.
Kim has not changed. She is still the kindest person you could ever meet.

At Tue Jun 13, 07:36:00 PM PDT, Blogger Kelli said...

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At Mon Jun 26, 05:51:00 PM PDT, Blogger Brandon P. said...

Kim. Wow, I only have angelic memories of this girl. There isn't one negative thing that I could say about Kim. She had a younger brother (his name was Chris I think) who was a phenomenal guitar player. I, along with Chris Stautinger, Class of 1990's Dave Yauger and Tom Antonie had a garage band and Kim's little brother played with us. Kim hung around and I got to know her well over the course of one summer. I kept asking her out but she always sweetly laughed and changed the subject. She always said she thought I was kidding. I realize now that it was her way of saying "no" without hurting my feelings. She was a sweet girl. I hope she's doing well.

At Sun Jul 09, 09:59:00 PM PDT, Blogger Greg Pagel said...

Kim's awesome. She always used to ask me out, and I used to always politely decline. Just wasn't meant to be, you know? It was kind of sad, really.

Okay, that never happened. But we were always very good friends.

At Mon Jul 10, 10:48:00 PM PDT, Blogger Kimmarie said...

Well, well, well...plagiarized love poems during class, oreo cookie innuendos, turning down a future as a band groupie, and falsehoods about the supposed stalking of one Mr. Greg Pagel...I am truly shocked! HA :) Mr. "Meff", thank you for your sweet words...and you were not a dweeb...you were a gentleman (much appreciated)...maybe you just liked shiny things-I swear I had braces that year! Kelli, you are dear to my heart, and all my favorite childhood memories have you in them...I will be "seeing" you on your page! Brandon, if I wasn't such a twit, I probably would have said "yes"...I was very shy back then! By the way, my brother still plays guitar and writes music...Do you still play, too? Brad, I'm not sure if you meant you wanted to be in an oreo "sandwich"...with you in the middle...And Mr. Pagel...you are UNBELIEVABLE spreading lies about me when you haven't seen me in so long...you know I used to hide inside your locker and beg you to make a dishonest woman of me every day...and all you would ever say was "ask me again tomorrow..."shame on you, sir!

At Tue Jul 11, 08:55:00 AM PDT, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Welcome Kim...

Great pictures, you look awesome.

How is it that the women of this class keep getting better with age, and the men just get older???

(Except for me, of course)

At Tue Jul 11, 12:53:00 PM PDT, Blogger Greg Pagel said...

That was you in my locker? Crap!! Another blown opportunity.

I thought it was Ms. Vesper.

At Tue Jul 11, 05:59:00 PM PDT, Blogger Brandon P. said...

Hi Kim

Yeah, you shouldn't have been such a twit! Dammit, I was crazy over you. I was shy too though. One of life's many missed opportunities.

Yes, I still play guitar. Mainly for my own amusement but my son gets a kick out of hearing me play Dave Matthews Band songs.

Does your brother have a band? He was such a killer musician when I knew him and he was quite a bit younger than us.

Glad to see that all is well with you. Take Care.


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