Thursday, May 18, 2006


Colleen is a girl I met in 4th grade. We had Mrs. Schmidt together.

I always thought Colleen was cool. She was friendly enough to me anyway. In 4th grade, I believe her best friend was Brenda Dax. I think they grew apart as the years progressed though. Things are funny that way.

I honestly don't have a whole lot of memories about Colleen. Although she was always there, from 4th grade at Magee, all the way through Clarke and high school.

On our senior video, she and Chris Soppe appear together. Colleen mentions that she'd gotten a flower at school that day (an annual event) from her best friend of 17 years. The tape obviously leads you to believe that she was referring to Chris. But was she? I don't know. Chris had a flower too. She mentioned that she and her friends were neighbors. I always thought that Colleen lived near me, up on 43rd street, while Chris lived on the other side of town. But perhaps I'm wrong. I assumed she was referring to Becky Monka, who lived on 42nd street - right behind her, I believe.

Colleen joined the navy after high school. I know this because at the time she joined, all the armed services were pestering me to join as well. But the navy guy was super persistent. He wanted to drag me down to the recruiting office all the time. And I recall that Colleen was in his office when he called me one day. She was shouting out that I should come down and eat pizza with them. I declined that day. But man, I do have a story about almost joining later on.

I'm assuming Colleen went off to the middle east after she was finished with basic training. But I don't know that for sure. I think she only spent two years in the service. After that, I think she lived in Colorado for a short time. Eventually she moved back to Two Rivers. I ran into her at the video store constantly. I believe she was married. I think she had a child also. She still lives in Two Rivers today. I'm pretty sure she's now known as Colleen Skwor.


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