Tuesday, May 16, 2006


David is a guy who joined me at Washington.

Dave seemed sort of like a tough guy - or at least like he wanted to be regarded as one. But he really wasn't.

Dave had a similar haircut to myself. So we had that in common. We may have had other stuff in common, for all I know. But I don't. I honestly have no memories of any incidents revolving around Dave.

Dave may have hung out with Mark Schreiber for awhile. I'm not sure.

Dave is one of the few graduates that I never ran into while working at the video store. Although it looks like he spent several years in the Two Rivers area. Today he appears to live in the Mishicot are with his wife Tammy. They live a mile or two from Fox Hills.


At Thu Jul 23, 11:55:00 PM PDT, Blogger dhartwig2009 said...

David Hartwig is my dad. I'm his oldest daughter Dayna, i'm twelve going to 7th grade. He has two more kids Sawyer his 9 yr old son going to 4th, and Callyn his other daughter 6 going to 1st. they are two days apart both december. he tries to be a father but he's mostly in the shed working on cars he has this auto body so he tries to squeeze in time for us kids we always go to the robinson mud run we all love that my mom Tammy only goes once and films tthe event. and Riverfest in Mishicot, we never miss the truck pulls, my sister and i dance in it my dad used to truck pull but then he stopped after my Brother Sawyer turned like 1 or 2. so my dad tries to be the best father there can be and i love him for that.


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