Monday, May 15, 2006


Becky was at Magee. I know very little about her. But I do remember her.

Apparently she provided Jason Anderson with his "first kiss." It certainly wasn't the last for each of them.

About the only personal memory I have from her is from 5th grade. I had Miss Krause. I think she had Mr. Tisler. One day that year the school took all the 5th grade classes down to Milwaukee to see some play. I think it was at the Pabst Theater. Anyway, we stopped at McDonalds for lunch on the way down. Or was it the way back? Who knows. Anyway, I ordered chicken mcnuggets. This was a brand new food item at the time. McDonalds was really advertising the hell out of them. Yet no one seemed to have tried them yet. But my family had. We liked them. And we ordered them everytime we went there. So I ordered them. Of course everyone wanted to try them. I couldn't really share though. They only gave you six of them. Anyway, I was in a booth with Chris (Lohr) Storlie, Doug Wall and Becky Schmidt. This was my first experience with her. She was sort of a tomboy. She was really cool. I guess Chris and Doug (having been in Tisler's class with her) were sort of friendly with her. So we were all friends that day. So when she asked if she could try a mcnugget, I of course gave her one. She was a girl! What could I do?

After 5th grade, I think Becky's parents shipped her off to one of the local catholic schools. I haven't seen her since. Although I do have another tidbit about her. According to my former best friend Dave Svatek, he lost his virginity to her in the summer of 1985. Allegedly, they were talking on the phone about it. And she had talked about having sex (with others - or perhaps "other") in the past. Dave goaded her on about being "all talk." And at some point she got tired of it and invited him over to prove that she wasn't. And according to Dave, he lost his virginity to her that day. He also said that Becky was the first girl that he "ate out." Is that too much information?

Anyway, trying to find Becky's current whereabouts would be an exercise in futility. There are probably thousands of Becky Schmidt's in the country.


At Mon May 15, 09:28:00 AM PDT, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Becky Schmidt's brother (Jim) is the mayor of Green Bay...little tidbit of useless information.

I liked Becky, I remember that family being very large...like 27 kids or so...


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