Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Jodi joined me at Washington, no doubt a product of the catholic schools prior.

I think I may have had Jodi in Mrs. Fischer's French class for both my freshman and sophomore years. She always seemed nice enough. But we were never friends or anything.

If memory serves, during our junior year, Jodi worked in the kitchen at the hospital in Two Rivers. My friend Dave (Svatek) also worked there. So I would occasionally have some contact with Jodi.

During our senior year, Jodi actually came to my house once. I'm not sure how exactly it happened. I was in my room, drunk of all things. And Dave came by with Jodi, and fellow graduate Lisa Moore as well. Lisa and Jodi were best friends. The four of us decided to take a drive. We picked up Scott Jaklin to go along with us as well. We spent a couple of hours driving around. Scott was particularly moody that evening. So we dropped him off at some point, then continued our drive. For whatever reason, we ended up across the street from school, playing on the ice.

Perhaps before high school ended, or just after it ended, Jodi got a job working at Red Owl in Two Rivers. She was a cashier. If my memory is accurate, she got itno some trouble. She ended up stealing some cash over a period of time. She got caught and was charged with something. I don't recall all the details. But I don't think she served any jail time or anything. We all make mistakes.

Jodi had a daughter at some point in the mid-1990's. I believe she got married a few years later, and is now known as Jodi Hanek. In February, 2005, Jodi underwent bariatric surgery - which I believe is the procedure where they make your stomach smaller. It's an option for people who are obese. Last I knew, the surgery went well for Jodi. Today I believe she lives in Green Bay, and enjoys the hobby of crocheting.


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