Thursday, January 12, 2006


One event stands out. And it still shocks me to this day.

I had Marilyn in my freshman year history class - Mr. Hough. One day, she wandered out of class, seemingly for no reason. If memory serves, Laura Fowler either helped her, or followed right behind her. Something was up. No one knew what.

A minute later, there was a loud crash. And Mr. Hough sprinted out the door. This was just a minute or two before the bell rang. Then it did. Students began pouring into the hall. And there was Marilyn - passed out cold, sprawled out in front of a locker.

What the hell was this all about? Where had Mr. Hough gone to?

What happened next still stuns me. Because nothing happened. Everyone walked around her, paying her no mind. Some people even stepped over her, as if she wasn't even there!

Hello! Dead person on the floor! This isn't normal!

Well, I exaggerate. She obviously wasn't dead. But I was shocked that no one seemed to notice or care. It's not like this happened everyday.

So what's the story? Well, I don't know this for sure. But I was told that allegedly Marilyn had some sort of problem when her period arrived each month. Was it psychological? Who knows. Did she lose so much blood that she got faint? Who knows. But whatever the case, this allegedly had happened before. But it still blows my mind that no one reacted.

The only other thing I remember about her is that during our junior or senior year (perhaps both) she dated Jeff Bodwin. YUCH! Jeff Bodwin was as obnoxious as they come. I can't imagine anyone being attracted to him - physically or emotionally. But apparently Marilyn saw something that no one else did.

I think Marilyn married a guy with the last name of Krueger, and worked at Shopko. That's all I know. But that freshman year incident still creeps me out. And it's stuck with me for years.

UPDATE - 10/20/06 - According to the Herald Times Reporter, Marilyn gave birth to a daughter on 10/9/06. The daughter's name is Abigail Judith Ernst. The father is class of 1987's Patrick Ernst. Marilyn's divorce papers were filed 3/22/06.

UPDATE - 12/7/06 - I was able to locate a couple of recent pictures of Marilyn. You can see them below. These were taken at her daughter's baptism. I'm thinking these pictures were taken in the last two or three weeks. Her husband is in both pictures. Also, you might notice class of 1990's Scott Ernst (brother of Marilyn's husband) holding the baby in the second photo. I also found out that the baby weighed five pounds, two ounces at birth.


At Thu Jan 19, 07:44:00 PM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

I met her in Mr. Rysticken's Pre-Algebra class (which I failed miserably, by the way...in fact, I can attribute my loathing of mathematics to his teaching style, which was, to say the least, a bit on the flip, "hands-off" style...which is a nice way of saying he didn't seem to give a $hit!...but I digress...)

Anyway. She hung around with Laura Fowler (sp?) a lot and Richard and I took a bit of an interest in these two gals for a bit...at least, I think we did.

We shared a table with them at lunch quite a bit and, again, it was some weird unspoken thing that we enjoyed their company...I think...

I believe I was more interested in Laura at the time but then, ultimately, so was Richard, as far as I could tell. So where did this leave Marilyn??? I dunno'...

Actually, of the two, Marilyn was nicer and more pleasant to chat with and we got along rather well.

But that didn't matter.

Because I was interested in Laura.... as was Richard.

And, mostly amusingly, I'm sure NEITHER girl had any idea Richard and I spoke of them as we did...

Man, high school is a strange time in life. What am I doing??? Why am I revisiting this nonsense?!

Thanks a lot, Burt!!!

At Sat Feb 25, 08:16:00 PM PST, Blogger Ann (Rank) Polich said...

I was Marilyn's roommate for the trip to Mexico. A big memory I have of that trip is me, writing letters as I sat on the toilet. I was in the bathroom as Marilyn and Jeff had time to themselves in our room. The weird thing about the toilet...it was in the shower. I guess it makes cleaning the toilet quicker?!?!?

At Thu Mar 30, 11:15:00 AM PST, Blogger naamah said...

hmmmmm Who is the meff? Anyway LOL,I remember this memory dear. It was quite scary believe me but I dealt with it alot since Marilyn and I had known eachother from grade school. From what I remember though it had nothing to do with periods. I wasn't pleasant to talk to? You would love talking to me now hopefully, people tell me I am great at making them laugh!


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