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Something tells me that Tim was with me at Clarke. But I might be wrong. But he was at Washington all four years, to be sure.

My first memories of Tim are from freshman year. We had a few classes together, including Mr. Heuer's algebra class. Tim's parents collected a lot of movies - as did Tim. So he and I had something in common. As I recall, Tim's parents were fans of Elvis' films. Anyway, I believe Tim actually loaned me a porno movie - which I of course copied for myself. In fact, it may have been entitled "Backdoor Brides." I actually recall the day I borrowed it from him. At some point that year, Tim broke his leg, and was in a cast for weeks. Subsequently he would always get to leave class five minutes early, accompanied by a fellow student, who would carry his books and stuff to the next classroom. Good gig! I think Marcus Petkevicius used to do it in Heuer's room. But on that day, I got the job, and got the tape from Tim's locker.

Around that same time, I also had Tim in gym class. Because of his leg, he couldn't play softball. Someone (I don't recall who) asked Mr. Bonino if Tim could hit, but have someone else run the bases for him. Bonino declined.

I belive I ran into Tim from time to time at the video store. He was always friendly enough. According to Brad Strouf, Tim and fellow graduate Peter Soucoup opened a bar together. It apparently closed. In fact, although it looks like the two of them were roommates for years, they must have had a falling out. It looks like Tim sued Peter over some sort of car accident - although they both listed the same address as their residence. Odd.

Today Tim may still be in the tavern business. It looks like he lives below one, in Manitowoc. In fact, his living quarters were searched by the police not too long ago. Although it doesn't look like anything bad was found, as I can find no record of any charges associated with the search. Tim has however been arrested for drunk driving on three occasions - one less than Peter. To my knowledge, Tim has never married. It looks like a young woman very recently got a restraining order against him.

UPDATE - 10/23/06 - Thanks to Kevin Dehne for spotting this ad, which features Tim and his wife. It's a small picture. But you can tell it's him.

UPDATE - 6/18/07 - Yesterday, Kevin Dehne and I stopped in to try and see Tim. Unfortunately, he wasn't working that day. But we snapped a few pictures nonetheless. The first one is of his bar. The other three are some pictures of Tim which were hanging on the walls inside the bar.


At Fri Aug 11, 06:14:00 AM PDT, Blogger shoot_the_moon said...

Actually, "Peach" a/k/a Tim Petri is married. He married Paula Beeman? (I think that's her maiden name) sometime in the last year or two. She works for Dr. Hansen at Aurora Vision Center. I don't believe there are any little "Peaches" running around though.

At Sun Aug 27, 12:24:00 PM PDT, Blogger Peach and Paula said...

Hi. My name is Paula and I am Tim's wife. We thought we'd post an update on Tim, since a lot of the info in the blog was somewhat inaccurate. After a somewhat lengthy relationship, we decided to tie the knot on Oct 29, 2005. We married outside at Point Beach state park. It was a beautiful ceremony and we rode off on Harleys afterward. We have 2 children from outside relationships that live with us. Kali, Tim's daughter, just turned 13 yesterday and Dylan, my son, turned 12 last month.
Tim owns a bar in Two River, "Berserkers". He has owned it for 13 years now. He also is half owner of "Frenchies exhaust" located on Memorial Drive in Two Rivers. The 2 businesses definitely keep him running constantly. I am a lead optician at Aurora Vision Center, also on the drive.
Tim was never in business with Peter Soucoup. They were in a car accident a few years back with Peter driving. Tim sued the ins company, not Peter. Peter did rent the apt above his house for a few years and before that was a roommate. Peter lives in Sheboygan right now and works at Kohler.
He did have a restraining order filed last year, and as ridiculous as it sounds, it was filed stating he is not to give dirty looks to this individual! Weird, huh! Tax payers money at work!!
Tim used to race out at 141 speedway and did really well, but it got too expensive and took too much time.
He also has been a member of the Immortals Motorcycle Club for 15 years. He really enjoys it. It shows when you look at how much he has traveled. He has gone to New York, Denmark, Australia, Sweden and Tasmania just to meet other Immortals Club members. In fact we plan on returning together to screw in the rain forest in Australia. Just kidding....NOT!!
So if anyone wants to catch up with him, stop in at the bar. If he's not there the bartenders can let you know when he works

At Sun Aug 27, 01:14:00 PM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Thank you Paula for the clarifications of the facts. You may have already noticed that about two weeks ago, I'd made one correction already.

My limited information about the car accident was based on public records. And it lists both Peter and two insurance companies as defendants. As the driver, Peter is automatically named, even though I'm guessing there was no animosity towards him. I should have made that more clear.

Tim's name had already been added to the list of stops for the next time Kevin and I "hit the town."

Incidentally, I found a picture online of Tim racing. But it was too small to post. So if you care to send one, I'd be happy to post it.

At Sun Jan 07, 08:12:00 PM PST, Blogger Tammy Schroeder said...

Hey Paula and Tim,
I have actually been to Berserker's a couple of times. It's actually a fun place. We thought of having our "pre-party" for the class reuion there. It was either there or at Nick's White Cap and the White Cap won. Maybe next reuion. We wanted to use somewhere a former class mate ran or business if we could. Keeping the money local. I actually have a bottle of booze and a $20.00 bar tab ticket for Tim's bar that I just havn't had the chance to use. I'm not sure if it has an experation date on it or not. I remember Paula from her days of Paula Beeman. We were pregnant together with our 1st. Love you Paula, Conrats on the marriage and maybe see you at the upcoming Ant Hill Mob Dance in April? We go everyyear.

At Fri May 01, 09:22:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cassie said...

Peach if ya ever happen to come across this its about damn time ya found a keeper!!! To your lucky lady, I don't know ya but ya gotta be something special to hold that boys heart!!! Take care of him your a lucky girl!!! All the best to the both of ya!!!!!!!!!! Hope your rain forest dreams are reality by now!!!!
once bitten


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