Monday, March 27, 2006


I moved to Two Rivers in 4th grade. One of my classmates in Mrs. Schmidt's class that year was Kelly Kotarek. The main reason I remember her is that my friend Chris Storlie had a crush on her. It kind of worked out well, as I had a crush on Sheila Zach. And Kelly and Sheila were friends, as I recall. So the two of us annoyed them, to be sure.

There was a thing called "germs." In other words, if you were to touch someone, you would have their "germs" on you. You could then touch someone else and say "Janice germs" or something to that effect. Ridiculous really. But hey, we were nine or ten at the time.

Chris and I used to buzz by Kelly and Sheila at recess. We would "accidentally" brush by the two of them. I'd touch Kelly. He'd touch Sheila. We would then "exchange" germs. I got Sheila. He got Kelly. We were both content I guess.

Kelly and I never had much contact over the years. She seemed like a sweet girl, always having a smile on her face. She was kind of small in stature.

On our senior video, she expressed an interest in making it on Broadway. She mentioned it like it was a little hidden secret of hers. Perhaps it was. But I don't think the bright lights of New York ever shown on her. Kelly eventually married and became Kelly Medenwaldt. Today she lives near and works in Janesville, for a religious-based charity. She may have also been involved in adoptions as well.


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