Tuesday, May 16, 2006


On our first day of school in 8th grade, two new faces were seen in the lunchroom, where they all gathered us prior to putting us in our classes. One was Kevin Minkel. The other was Jim Sanford. I remember that he was wearing a red spring jacket as he sat there.

Jim was a hefty guy. He was rather large. There's no way to sugar coat that. Because of his size, he would often sweat a lot. I had him in gym class a couple of years. And when we got back into the lockerroom, he would be coated in sweat - big red and sweaty.

In my opinion, Jim was kind of an asshole. He was smug and annoying. I never understood where his bitterness came from. He just treated a lot of people like jerks.

I seem to recall that Jim was into ninja stuff, and collected throwing stars and such.

In my sophomore year, I had Jim in gym class again. I remember being placed onto a volleyball team with him. And he groaned when he saw me. Whatever. Because truth be told, I was actually pretty good at volleyball. Cindy Rohrer was on that team as well. You could tell that Jim had the hots for Cindy. When she screwed up, it was cute to him. If I screwed up, man did I hear it. But it didn't take Jim long to see that I was an asset. And I earned his respect - not that I really gave a shit. Having Jim like me was nothing I sought out to do.

Most mornings in high school, you could find some kids selling donuts. I seem to recall that Jim bought one quite often.

After our sophomore year, Jim disappeared. I assumed that he simply moved. He didn't seem like the type of person who would simply drop out. I'm pretty sure I've never run into him. And he's probably hard to miss. Today it looks like Jim has moved to Manitowoc. I think he's married to a woman named Stacie. I have no idea if they have any children.


At Tue May 16, 07:44:00 AM PDT, Blogger apeman said...

Another guy who had NINJA stuff. What's up with that? Let's Kung Foo!!! At least I made my own throwing star.
I remember Jim also collected military stuff. He had quite the assortment of neat medals, weapons, and clothing.I even sold him a few items back then.
He lived with his Father down the road from me in TR. I didn't hang out with him or anything outside of knowing him at school. He was an alright guy to me.

At Tue May 16, 08:23:00 AM PDT, Blogger Brandon P. said...

Jim hung around with Marcus, Scott, Mike (Bruce/Not Bruce) and I sometimes. I don’t remember if he had other people he hung out with. He was a nice enough guy and never a jerk to me. I don’t remember him leaving but I guess I don’t recall him being around during graduation either.

The one distinguishing characteristic of Jim’s that I remember is that he had a full beard at one point during our sophomore year. Because of this, he rarely if ever got carded. He was always willing to buy us beer as long as we got him a bottle or two of MD 20/20 (grape flavor only).

At Sat Mar 22, 07:50:00 PM PDT, Blogger Big jim said...

Hey burt, finally got to your famous blog. Sorry i was a asshole to you, but that was a different time. My junior year i did move to SD to live with my brother. This was to get my act together and not be that asshole that you knew. So far i think it worked but i will leave that up to you to decide. I now live in TR with my wife stacie and 2 kids, Connor(3) and Kiran(11 months). I work for a local company as a supervisor in manty and do security for a company in sheboygan. I will be in your neck of the woods come June 7th and 8th in Newburg for there firemans picnic(security). I think your blog on the whole class was a bit extreme but very creative. take care and hope to here from you.
Here is my email jsan1070@charter.net. and for the record i still eat the hell out of donuts!


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