Friday, April 14, 2006


Tricia's a girl from Magee. We had Ms. Krause in 5th grade together.

I always got along with Tricia. We weren't friends or anything. But she was pretty nice and outgoing. If memory serves, she was friends with people like Lori Wavrunek and Jenny Dent.

At some point in 5th grade, Tricia was over at Lisa King's house. Lisa lived directly across the street from me. Doug Wall and I went over one day and knocked on the door. See my entry on Lisa to get further details. I'm guessing it was the first male nudity that either of them ever saw.

I'm pretty sure that Tricia was someone I shared every class with in 7th grade. Although no real memories stand out.

In high school, Tricia and I shared homeroom all four years. But we hung with different crowds. We never had much contact with one another. Although she always remained nice and friendly.

After high school, I ran into Tricia from time to time at the video store. She seemed to have a different boyfriend everytime. Come to think of it, I think all of her boyfriends were black.

Tricia eventually moved to Manitowoc. The next bit of information is a shock to me. In 2002, Tricia was charged with conspiracy to deliver cocaine, and keeping a drug house. What???? Tricia Wetzel! Am I joking? Nope. The drug house charge was dismissed, but read in at her sentencing. She eventually plead no contest to the conspiracy charge, and was sentenced to three years probation, as well as 90 days in jail - with time out for employment. Yikes! Today Tricia appears to live in the same place. To my knowledge, she has never married. I believe she works in a factory in Manitowoc.


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