Thursday, October 05, 2006


Who is he? I don't know. But Meff insists this guy was around in 6th grade - probably in Ms. Maki's class.

According to Meff, the guy was somewhat of a dirtball. He may have been friends with Drew Konop.

I have no memory of this guy. I've tried to find a Daniel Pipkorn in the U.S. There are some, but none within the proper age range. There isn't even any male Pipkorns in the entire country that have the letter "D" for a middle name.

So I'm stumped. Danny, where are you? Anyone?

UPDATE - 10/6/06 - Thanks to Lisa Pauze for remembering the name "Pipgras" as opposed to "Pipkorn." Based on that, I was able to track him down. It looks like he lived in Oklahoma for awhile. But he came back to Wisconsin, and spent most of the 1990's here, in Rhinelander. He was involved in a car accident in either late 1997 or early 1998. He wasn't the party at fault.

The following article is taken from a company newsletter. It's dated August, 2004. It's Danny's story - written by Danny.

As it seems with most of the people whom I have met since I moved to Colorado Springs about 7 months ago, I am a transplant from another part of the country.

My journey began near Green Bay, Wisconsin. After which, I moved even further north, almost to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). I later returned to Green Bay and received my undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. Graduation once again prompted another move. This time, it
was south, down the road to Milwaukee. It is here where I received my Masters of Architecture degree from UWMilwaukee and my first job in the field of architecture.

With a head filled with ideas and little possibility of being able to express them, I figured that another big move was in order. So I headed out of town. This time, I went west. Not to Colorado, but all the way to Seattle. Seattle gave me the
opportunity to explore the “Northwest” style of Architecture, but the lifestyle of endless coffee and even more rain, convinced me that another move was necessary.

So yes, I headed out of town. This time the direction was southeast. But still not to Colorado; a little further south. How about San Antonio! Sure sounds great. The Riverwalk, the Spurs, and a lot of great Mexican food. However, let’s not forget about the heat. And oh, was it hot!

So lets see; no freezing upper Midwest blizzards, no endless Northwestern rains, no weeks in a row of Southwestern 100 degree temperatures. Therefore, after three moves in three years, I finally ended up in the Springs. So today, I am working at LKA Partners, Inc. and enjoying the mountain air and the mountain trails. Oh, and trying to practice a little architecture between the field trips. What do you think? Good move, huh?

Apparently his time in Colorado was short-lived as well. For today he resides in the state of Washington, near Tacoma. Near as I can tell, he's never beenmarried. But he may be living with someone named Courtney.


At Thu Oct 05, 02:36:00 PM PDT, Blogger Lisa P said...

If I am thinking of the correct person, his name is Danny Pipgrass. I'm not sure if the spelling is right but I do remember him from C.C. Case.

At Thu Oct 05, 06:57:00 PM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

That's the right name Lisa. We have a 'Pipkorn' family near us and the names fused in my head. Danny Pipgrass is correct.

Kudos to your memory!

At Fri Oct 06, 06:50:00 AM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Wow. Nice work Lisa. I found him.


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