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After multiple requests, this is Drew.

His name was Andrew. But he went by the name of Drew. My first time meeting him was in 4th grade. We shared Mrs. Schmidt's class together. I found him to be a decent guy. But we weren't friends or anything. At that time, I believe he was best buddies with Jeff Salstrand. At some point that year, I ran into the two of them at Prange Way. We were all looking at Star Wars figures.

Near the end of that school year, our class went on a field trip somewhere. Drew's mom came as a chaperone. For some reason she loaned me a quarter for something. I was supposed to pay Drew back the next day. I never did. Drew pestered me for it for awhile. But I never paid up. It wasn't out of malice. I just kept forgetting. Eventually, so did he. With Wisconsin's 12% post-judgement interest rate, that comes to an additional 75 cents I owe. So Drew, as of today, I owen your mom $1.00. Don't pester me about it. I'm sure I'll remember to pay up one of these days.

After 4th grade, I had little contact with Drew. Apparently sometime either before or during 6th grade, he met fellow graduate Brett Gruetzmacher. The two of them became fast friends, and remained that way all the way through graduation. Drew and Brett shared a table together in Mr. Franke's 8th grade science class.

In high school we pretty much stayed apart from one another. Drew hung with the more "in crowd" people. And he had a moustache.

After high school, I believe Drew went on to college somewhere - perhaps majoring in business. He had aspirations of taking over companies, and working for the "Big 8" in Chicago.

Drew once got in trouble for carrying a phony ID.

While working at the video stroe, I had the opportunity to run into nearly everyone I went to school with. And with only one exception, everyone was cordial. Drew was the one exception. He was with a friend - or perhaps a girlfriend. I don't remember. But I didn't get a "hi" or a smile - nothing. In all fairness, I didn't initiate anything either.

In 2004, it looks like Drew donated $100.00 to those "swift boat" people who were trying to smear John Kerry.

Today I believe that Drew lives in the Milwaukee area. As far as I know, he is not married.

UPDATE - 11/10/06 - Here is Drew, along with Brett Gruetzmacher, from our senior video.


At Fri Feb 03, 12:26:00 PM PST, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Drew became my best friend our senior year. We had know each other since junior high, but we got to know each other better after I started going out with class of '87's Kim Kohls.

Drew and I played tennis together, drank beer together, and damn near lived together our senior year. Drew's parents were often gone from the house for days (maybe weeks?) at a time and Drew's house became my second house.

There isn't enough room in cyberspace to type in all my memories, plus I don't have the time or energy anyways...

Drew had a girlfriend in high school like no one has ever had a girlfriend...Kelly Haataja. Drew loved this girl, no question about it. Period. That is my number one memory of Drew.

My second memory has to do with a blue sweatshirt that Drew wore to school one day and then never took off. I'm not sure what the significance was, but it reminds me of the movie "Forrest Gump." One day Forrest starts running and he just keeps running. Drew put on the blue sweatshirt and just kept wearing it. A couple of joined in, sort of a show of solidarity, but we lost interest quickly...not Drew.

The last I heard, Drew was heavily into drugs and beastiality...(I didn't really hear that, I just made it up, but it's kinda funny...at least for me.)

Drew, give me a call, I miss you pal.

At Fri Feb 03, 12:56:00 PM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Damn! Kelly Haataja. I knew that too. Thanks for filling in the gap. I think Kelly had a baby sometime around 1992 or so. I actually have something of hers. It's a wrist strap thing for playing tennis. I saw it at Dave's house one day, and put it on. When I got around to taking it off, I was at home. There is stands to this day.

At Fri Feb 03, 01:30:00 PM PST, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

One more memory, the best yet perhaps...Drew, Jason and I going to see "Lethal Weapon." I didn't have my drivers license at that point, I think both Drew and Jason did, anyway we weren't totally convinced that we wanted to go, but we did anyway. This movie became something of a cult hit for us after this, years later the four of us, Drew, Jason, Jay and I would sit around(sometimes stealing a little Yukon Jack from someone's mom...you guys know who), and watch the damn movie quoting it line for line.

That was in our sophmore year. Drew and I gradually became better and better friends through junior year, although I was spending far too much time with Kim at this point, and after that break-up Drew and I finally became the friends we had attempted to become for two years.

On a side note- Drew and I double dated with Kim and her cousin once, none other than Lisa Koch...

At Sun Feb 05, 07:17:00 AM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

Drew and I met in 5th, Miss Hynek.

If memory serves, we hit it off pretty well. I can say that my first official "grounding" from my parents came, indirectly, because of Drew.

He had invited me to come over to his house after school one Friday in winter. I asked my mother the day before if I could and she emphatically said "NO." I'm not sure why but I'm sure she had no reason...that was just her style.

So school wraps up 'round 3pm and Drew's mom is there at the Magee roundabout to pick him up and he's like, "you comin'?"


Fork in the road time... do I go to this guy's house? He's got a Beta VCR (HUGE at the time!), an Atari 5200 (holy crap!!!), etc. Or do I listen to my mother and go home and be a good boy?

Heh heh...

Sorry mom.

Can you say "no TV for two weeks" kiddies?


Drew and I hung around up until mid-6th grade. I think he was chasing up the social stepstool because he had hung around with Greg Pagel and Richard and me. Then he dropped in with Brett Gruezmadjkjdklgjwhatever and kinda' left us in the dirt.

Hell, can ya' blame him?

Anyway, pretty fond memories of hanging out with him, however brief. Had a pretty quick sense of humor and was always good for a larf or two.

AND, let's not forget that Atari 5200!!! At the time, it was THE system to have! Damn cool!

p.s. - this just hit. I remember Greg Pagel and Drew arguing incessantly over which system was better.... Greg had the ColecoVision and Drew, of course, the 5200.

At Tue Feb 07, 08:51:00 PM PST, Blogger SonnyKidd said...

I feel I must comment. After all, I was forced to disown Drew as a friend by my parents. Hint for all you parents out there...that doesn't work, and not only that, the exact opposite is likely to happen. As it turns out, Drew ended up standing up in my wedding in 1995, and yes, I'm one of those that is still married 10 years later.

I, like Brad, could go many different directions. Let's see...one memory which sticks with me even today is of a fateful sleepover at Drew's house. I don't recall who else was in attendance, sorry. But we were all at Drew's house, he was one of the lucky ones out there to have "cool" parents, though not drinking on the front porch "cool", right Cheese? Anyways, it was a typical preteen boys sleepover (sorry girls, no details). We did rent 2 scary movies. Little did we know they would wind up being classics, Halloween and Friday the 13th. First we all almost pissed ourselves, sitting in the dark, as Jason (not me, the other one) leaps out of the lake at the end of Friday the 13th. So we were a little on edge for the second flick. By now, everyone is familiar with Michael Myers, a butcher knife, ghostly white mask and green jumpsuit. What many of you may not know, is that Drew's brother Scott...well he's pretty tall aaaaaaaand pretty pale. And when he's standing outside looking through the window at a bunch of nerved out boys, well he's a dead ringer for Michael Myers. We all screamed like school girls. To this day, Halloween remains one of my all-time favorite flicks.

And Roo? While we may not see each other much (that's putting it lightly), when we do, it's like we've hung out every day since high school. That was our kind of friendship.

At Tue Feb 14, 12:30:00 PM PST, Blogger drew konop said...


At Wed Feb 15, 09:44:00 AM PST, Blogger mimikatemom said...

Hi Drew!
I don't know if you're still checking in...but I sure miss you! We were friends, fellow band victims, neighbors, parkies (right?)and Journey fanatics. I went to my first concert with Drew,(and Jen, jeremy) and burned my fingers on the lighters! Bawled my eyes out! I'm such a sap. EVERY time I hear Journey I think of you. Hope you are well!

At Wed Feb 22, 08:24:00 PM PST, Blogger PJ said...

You and Erin dated? I didn't know that? When?

Andy....MY Andy. What can I say...you have your very own, reserved special place in my heart. Even though I NEVER see you...well, I mean for more than a few minutes at a time...either before you pass out or take your sick girlfriend home early, etc.


I suppose you're still too skinny, but I bet you're still a hotty.

Hope to see you soon, buddy.

Love ya.

At Thu Feb 23, 06:19:00 AM PST, Blogger mimikatemom said...

Clarification...I never had the pleasure of dating Drew...us band victims just went to the concert. It was in Milwaukee and his parents were kind enough to drive us :) It is one of those memories that is burned in my brain though. :)

At Fri Jan 05, 07:52:00 AM PST, Blogger Pewter said...

Ahhh yes, hitting the harmonica to Billy Joel’s piano man.

At Tue Jun 03, 01:54:00 PM PDT, Blogger Danielle said...

Hi Drew!

My memory of you is from Kelly as well, but that is of course because she's my sister! Hope all is well with you! Danielle


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