Monday, May 15, 2006


Jeff was a guy I met in 4th grade. We had Mrs. Schmidt together.

Jeff and I got along for the most part. But we were never friends. At that time, Jeff was best friends with Drew Konop. I have a couple of memories of him from that year.

I was best friends with Chris (Lohr) Storlie. Chris and I used to pass notes all day. One day I took a bunch of them and threw them in the garbage. Jeff then went into the garbage to fish them out. He wanted to read them. I grabbed them, and actually threatened to tell Mrs. Schmidt if he didn't drop them. I'm surprised I would make a such a wimpy threat like that. What's more surprising is that Jeff actually let go of them, and dropped them back into my hands. I quickly shredded them and tossed them away again.

Later on that year, Chris suddenly decided that he had a crush on Julie Scott. I didn't get it. Julie was really bitchy towards the two of us. She couldn't stand us. She was also a year away from getting those big boobs of hers. So what the atttraction was, I'll never know. Anyway, Chris had some sort of half-baked scheme where he wanted me to grab her after school one day, then hold her while he kissed her. Jeff overheard this and wanted to participate. But Jeff had other ideas. Jeff wanted us to grab her, knock her down, puller her pants off, and "lick her puss." Those are his exact words! Being only nine at the time, I didn't understand the magnitude of what he was suggesting. But nonetheless, I was really disturbed by it.

Sometime during the summer of 1981, I ran into Jeff and Drew at Prange Way. We were all looking at the Star Wars toys.

In 8th grade, I had Jeff in Mr. Fencel's reading class. My friend Mark Schreiber was in the class as well. Jeff used to torment poor Mark by pelting him with a neverending supply of spit. Despite my friendship with Mark, I can take some of the blame too, as I would laugh and sometimes encourage Jeff's nasty habit.

In either 8th grade or freshman year, Jeff started hanging around with Chris Storlie quite a bit. But after our freshman year, he was gone. I believe Meff actually ran into Jeff during the summer of 1986, at which point Jeff mentioned he was moving. Apparently Jeff was pretty down about it. Although since Meff didn't care for him, there wasn't a whole lot of sympathy.

I think Jeff's family moved to Iowa. He still lives there today. Although I think his father passed away a few years ago. I don't think Jeff has ever married. But if he has, it was to a girl named Jennifer. I believe Jeff had a younger brother named Andy. What he does today is unknown to me.


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