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Greg was with me at Magee. But I didn't get to know him until 6th grade at Clarke. We had Mrs. Casey together. In fact, over my three years at Clarke, Greg ended up being one of my best friends.

In 6th grade, the trio of Greg, Ken Bartz and myself were good friends. Although the three of us never hung around together outside of school, Greg would often come over to my house, as it was pretty much on the way home for him as well.

Greg was a strong boy - stronger than most people probably realized. And he could push people on that clown swing like no other. He was the man!

This is a bit strange. But at some point that year, Greg and I made a haunted house in my attic. We never got anyone to go through it - save for Greg's younger sister. But what can you do?

Greg often came to my house after school to play Atari. That's pretty much all we did, save for the haunted house thing. On occasion, he would walk to my house before school as well. I went to Greg's house a few times as well. But interestingly, all the times I was over there, I never actually went in his house. His mom always seemed kind of grumpy. So we often played baseball in his backyard.

Behind Greg's house was a wooded area. And there was something cool back there. Greg and his siblings had a clubhouse of some sort. It was a hangout which was literally, a small house. It had a roof. I believe it was heated as well. Greg's older brother would use that place to drink beer with his friends. It really was cool.

Back deeper in the woods was a path of some sort. I went for several blocks, starting around the 42nd street area, and leading all the way down to the river. Well, there was a side path that went right to Greg's clubhouse. One day, perhaps a few weeks after Greg had showed me the place, I was with my friend Bobby Streu. And we used the back path to walk to the clubhouse. So what did we do when we got there? We broke in of course. Some friend I was, huh? We stole a flashlight, a ball, and a case of beer - which was missing one can. Keep in mind, that this theft took place in the spring of 1983. This date is important later on. A few months later, Greg was at my house. He actually saw the flashlight, and commented that he had one just like it. The key word there was "had."

Greg accompanied me in stealing milks for our fellow classmates during the night we spent at Camp Tapawingo. See my Wyatt Wood entry for the details.

In 8th grade, Greg and I ate lunch together. After eating, the students would head into the gym until the lunch hour was over. One day Greg and I were screwing around, pushing each other a bit, as we sat on the bleachers. We weren't fighting or anything. We were just playing. But Mr. Kern sauntered over, put up his hand and said, "five" - as in five detentions - for me, not Greg. What the fuck??? First off, we weren't fighting. Second, why did he single out me? I'll tell you why. Because Mr. Kern was a fucking asshole who hated me. Prick.

In the second semester of that year, Greg had Mr. Swokowski for art class. Apparently several students started to take a bunch of markers and stuff from his classroom. It seemed sort of petty. But allegedly a lot markers and pens were taken. Swokowski noticed. Before long, several students - including Greg, got suspended for three days. It was a minor scandal. I asked Greg about it the day it all came down. He looked scared to death, saying his mom was going to remove his left nut. Greg was not a troublemaker by any means. This was pretty much his first and only act of this kind. He seriously looked petrified. But when it was all said and done, I think he enjoyed the notoriety. He liked being able to brag that he'd gotten a suspension.

Our house got a Beta VCR in October, 1984. I became a taping fiend. In the spring, Greg would come over on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights to watch films. My parents weren't home. So we'd pull out a bunch of cable nudie classics like Porky's, Joysticks or Losin' It.

Once we got to high school, Greg and I stopped hanging around together. It became painfully obvious that Greg wanted to strive for popularity. I had no interest in it. So he had no interest in me. Of course he wasn't going to reach the upper levels of the social ladder regardless. In fact, Mike Clarksen told me that he overheard Greg saying something nasty about me - I was no good, or something like that. Whatever. As high school progressed, I think he hung around with Stan Conrad. He also became a regular wearer of black T-shirts. At the time, I remember thinking that he probably would be mortified if anyone saw him holding a Cyndi Lauper album. But that was then. This is now. The photos below are from January, 1985. In all honesty, I like that album! Click it to see them larger.

In my sophomore year, I had a paper route. I had some major restitution to pay off! Anyway, as I was riding my bike down the street while I was delivering one day, I noticed greg. He flagged me down. Now get this. He accused me of breaking into his clubhouse a few days earlier. What??? I barked right back at him that I hadn't done any such thing. I asked him who had told him I'd done that. His answer? Bobby Streu. Yes, my cohort in crime from three or four years earlier had ratted me out for a crime I didn't commit - a crime that he most likely committed himself. Whatever. I guess I deserved it though. Although I deserved it years earlier, not then.

I had Greg in gym class my freshman year. When we played baseball, he had a very strange stance. He would crouch really low when he swung the bat. I'm not sure why I remember that. But it was kind of funny-looking.

Greg was a good artist. At the very least, he could draw really well.

I don't think I ever ran into Greg after high school. Someone told me that he may have been involved in some behind the scenes work on some documentaries. I believe Greg got married to a woman named Jennifer. Today they appear to live in the Milwaukee area.

UPDATE - 8/15/06 - Thanks to Mark Gordon for providing these two pictures of Greg on his wedding day. He believes these are from the summer of 2001. The second picture features, Greg, Mark and Chip Pelnar

UPDATE - 5/18/07 - According to an article I read online, on April 18th, 2007, Greg and his wife participated in some sort of canoe and kayak trip from Mishicot to Two Rivers. The trip was organized by none other than Cindy Rohrer's dad, Phil Rohrer.


At Tue Aug 15, 01:39:00 PM PDT, Blogger mimikatemom said...

Great pics!! guiness or soda?

At Tue Aug 15, 02:09:00 PM PDT, Blogger Gordy said...

If I am not mistaken, that would be Guiness. LOL SODA?!?!?!

At Tue Aug 15, 02:13:00 PM PDT, Blogger Gordy said...

Fun wedding. The wedding was held at Governor Dodge State Park. They had "The Swing Crew" as their band. What a hoot. If anybody is at the dells, look them up. They are hilarious.

At Tue Aug 15, 02:53:00 PM PDT, Blogger MarkC said...

THE SWING CREW??? I've heard many stories about them. My wife worked in the Dells for a couple summers during her years at UWO. She tells many stories about nights downtown partying with The Swing Crew! Kind of like the Jimmy Buffet of the Dells from what I understand. Must have been a great party... good for you Greg!!

At Tue Aug 15, 04:52:00 PM PDT, Blogger shoot_the_moon said...

Hey Gordy -
I've seen you around town and every time I've waved, you've looked at me like "who the hell is that?!" Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" and thanks for being the shoulder to cry on back in the day.

At Tue Aug 15, 05:09:00 PM PDT, Blogger Gordy said...

Jimmy Buffet of the dells, good analogy.
Of course I was nominated to get up on the stage. I will admit, I did not turn it down.
Fun it was.

At Tue Aug 15, 05:13:00 PM PDT, Blogger Gordy said...

I have to apologize. I did not recognize you. I now that is no excuse of not waving, but when a strange good looking woman waves at me out of the blue. I have to say, I am surprised to the point of not waving back.
As for waving, etc.... I will always wave if I see you. Come to think of it I think i saw you in Wal-mart, and biking around TR.
As for the shoulder, any time. I love being a good listener.

At Tue Aug 15, 07:44:00 PM PDT, Blogger shoot_the_moon said...

Alright, Gordy, you're forgiven :) I expect a wave next time I see you.

Anyway, since this is Greg's spot, I thought I should share a few things about him instead of chatting on with Gordy.

We used to party at "The Fort" as it was so called. It was set back in the woods, had heat, and electricity supplied from the house. Whenever Ma Flemal (yes, after time, we started to call her "Ma") would get upset with Tim (Greg's older brother), she'd cut the power supply. We'd have lights and music one minute, and total darkness the next. Fortunately Greg was a sweet talker and was able to pursuade Ma to turn on the power.

Speaking of Ma Flemal, she was one of the nicest moms out there. She put up with a lot of crap - having kids over there almost every weekend. I remember one time she let me crash on the couch for the weekend after my parents moved to Port Washington. She also washed one of my shoes (and socks) after I stepped in the bog out in the woods (I can't remember why I stepped in the bog, but I think we were running from the cops one night).

At Tue Aug 15, 10:14:00 PM PDT, Blogger Gordy said...

Tks Sally,

Sally is correct, Gregs parents where the most laid back adults I have ever met. They still are, I visit them time to time. They enjoy telling my boys stories of the fort. (I hate that, but oh well, memories are fun to hear)
They even received a recent tour of the fort. It was a little run down.
I hope Greg signs on sometime soon, he would have plenty to tell of those crazy days.

At Wed Aug 16, 08:04:00 PM PDT, Blogger shoot_the_moon said...

Gordy - Do you remember Ma Flemal's pickles? The ones that she used to make and then put in ice cream buckets? I think they were a version of refrigerator pickles. Anyhow, they were good! I remember sitting on their front porch eating those pickles out of the ice cream buckets - one right after another.

At Thu Aug 17, 01:51:00 PM PDT, Blogger Gordy said...

Yes I do remember. If you want I can probably get some. LOL
Just had some not to long ago, same pails. lol

At Thu Aug 17, 08:02:00 PM PDT, Blogger shoot_the_moon said...

Lucky Bum!

At Thu Aug 17, 11:19:00 PM PDT, Blogger Gordy said...

LMFAO, that was too cool. I am still laughing. Just stop by the house, tell them who you are and they will probably give you a pail. LOL

At Fri Jan 05, 11:28:00 AM PST, Blogger Pewter said...

The Flemal "Fortress of, not so much, Solitude". Don't forget about the addition. See that's the problem with expansion. It is always focused on current needs and the vision just isn't there for future growth potential.


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