Thursday, May 11, 2006


Tracy is a girl I met in 4th grade. She and I had Mrs. Schmidt together. We didn't get along. I think she couldn't stand me. Although she was really nothing special herself.

I pretty much have only two memories of her. One was from 4th grade. I found a check on the floor. So I put it in my desk. The last name on the check was "Dole." For some reason, I knew it was Tracy's. I remember asking Chris Lohr (Storlie) if her name was actually Tracy Dole. I was new that year. So I wasn't sure. But he said no. Anyway, an hour or so later, Tracy apparently noticed her check was missing, and told Mrs. Schmidt - who asked if anyone had seen it. I think it was for her hot lunch tickets. I pulled out the check and said that I had it. Mrs. Schmidt then started yelling at me, asking why I hadn't turned it in earlier. I didn't have an answer. But geez, if I'd planned to do something bad with it, I wouldn't have turned it in willingly as I did.

My next memory comes from 7th grade. I remember Mr. Longhini used to always say, "You're giving me fits, Gerald." Clever guy that Longhini was... Later in the year, Tracy changed math classes for some reason. And she no longer had Longhini. I remember thinking, "Who is he going to make fun of now?"

Tracy was at Washington for my freshman year. But that was it. She must have moved. I don't think she was the dropout type. Where she is today is a mystery. Her name is far too common to try and track down.


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