Friday, May 12, 2006


Based on the photos provided by Kevin Dehne, it looks like Scott was a product of Koenig School.

Scott joined me at Clarke. Although I really don't have any memories of him until 8th grade. I had Scott in a few classes. And bar none, he had to be one of the most annoying individuals I've ever come in contact with. He babbled. He was irritating. He was just an all around pain in the ass. Plus he looked like a monkey. Did anyone like him? I don't know. I honestly don't know if this goof had any friends at all.

It's weird referring to him as Scott. Because everyone called him "Gokey." Where did that name come from? You got me. But he will always be Gokey. Hell, even Mr. Fencl called him Gokey.

In 8th grade, Scott once got into a confrontation with Kurt Psenicka. They were on the bleachers after lunch. They started pushing each other. And Kurt was grabbing at Scott's leg or something. But unfortunately for him, his face was right in the line of fire from Scott's shoe. And Scott started pounding Kurt's face with his other foot, getting perhaps 10 point blank hits. Kurt's face went red, but not from embarrassment. Kurt looked to be on the verge of tears.

On another day, in that same gym after lunch, we all lined up to be let out. Scott was behind me. Somehow he and I got into a shoving match as well. I managed to push Scott to the floor. But as he fell on his ass, he reached out and ripped a slight tear in my T-shirt.

Will the fighting ever end? Not yet. That same year, in Mr. Swokowski's art class, Randy Klein got into it with him as well. Swokowski had left the room for awhile. And Randy ended up tossing Gokey to the floor. The two of them rolled around a bit punching each other. Randy got the better of Gokey. But not much damage was done. The fight stopped before Swokowski got back. But the room was still abuzz over what happened. Then Nick Novachek blurted out to Swokowski, "You should have seen that fight!" Then he went on to say something about Superman and Batman going at it. He never actually mentioned the real fight. But after about 15 minutes, Swokowski knew something was up. And before long, both Gokey and Randy were whisked away.

Surprisingly, Scott somehow became friends with Chad Daffner during the year. I never understood that one.

As I mentioned somewhere else, midway through 8th grade, I was transferred into Mrs. Mehan's class for reading. It was where all the losers were. Scott fit right in. At some point, I stole Scott's textbook. So Mehan got him another one. A few days later, I stole that one as well. Mehan got pissed. But she ended up getting a third copy. Of course I stole that one too - the same day he got it. Mehan then blew up at Scott. She chewed him out for being careless. I think Scott got several detentions for it as well. I thought it was funny as hell. It was all I could do to keep myself from laughing. I think I ended up burying those books in the field in my backyard. I felt no sorrow for Scott. He was an asshole.

Ken Bartz had this magical way of putting his two pointy fingers onto his mouth and lips and made himself look exactly like Gokey. Gokey had really big lips. Like I said, he kind of looked like a monkey.

I believe Scott flunked 8th grade. I didn't see him again until my sophomore year. In high school, we had virtually no contact whatsoever. Scott ended up graduating with the class of 1990.

I ran into Scott a few times at the video store. He had a girlfriend with him once. I remember thinking to myself, "Man, how is it that HE has a girlfriend, and I don't?" Today it looks like he lives in Manitowoc with his wife, Danyell. I tlooks like he once ran some sort of business called Lakeside Communications. It must not have done too well though, as he was sued about a dozen times for unpaid bills.


At Wed Nov 22, 01:09:00 PM PST, Blogger nwalk said...

"Gokey" is a bastardization of the french pronunciation of Gauthier go-tee-ay. Somehow, upon hearing the french version, people turned the t into a k. There is a more specific linguistic explanation with something to do with fricatives or voiced dentals, but I won't bother.


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