Friday, January 26, 2007


Mrs. Lewandowski (Frances) was a teacher at L.B. Clarke School. She taught 7th and 8th grade students. She was in the northeast “wing” of the school, next to Mr. Monka, and on the other side of the curtain to Ms. Meehan.

Lewandowski was a rather large woman with a round face and curly hair. Of all the teachers in that wing, she is the only one I never had. I think all she taught was reading courses. But I might be mistaken about that. I think I only entered her room a couple of times during my years at Clarke. And that was only in 7th grade, when Mr. Fencl (my reading teacher) brought our class into her room so that all the reading classes that hour could watch a film strip or something from time to time.

Speaking of that, I do recall being in her class for one of those movies. We ended up watching some classic story – “Gift Of The Magi” or something. Anyway, it was introduced and narrated by Fred Gwynne (from “The Munsters.”) When Fencl gave us a quiz on the film, one of the questions was, “Who is telling the story?” I answered, “Herman Munster.” He didn’t appreciate that.

Anyway, because I never had her, I had very little dealings with her. However, she did yell at me (sort of) once. It was in 7th grade. It was right after lunch. I had gone to my locker to drop off my stuff, and was hustling down the hall to get into Mrs. Westberg’s class before the bell rang. Either Kevin Dehne or Ron (Cuyler) Gretz was with me. We whipped around the corner and almost slammed into her as we scooted down the hall. She told us to slow down. We both said, “Ok.” But neither one of us did. As we were approaching the office area, she yelled out, “You guys just got a detention.” We then both responded by saying something about having to get to class so we don’t get another one. We ended up making it. And as it turned out, Lewandowski never followed through with her threat.

Although I never had her, I think most kids liked her for the most part. She seemed friendly enough.

After I left Clarke, I never saw her again. Today it looks like she lives in Green Bay. I believe she’s married. I also believe she has retired from teaching. She’d probably be in her mid-to-late 60’s by now.


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