Friday, April 28, 2006


Lenny appears to be a product of Koenig grade school. He joined me at Clarke.

I never knew Lenny all that well. Although we did have a mutual friend in Kevin Dehne. Lenny was a member of the black T-shirt crowd. But he wasn't nearly as grumpy or angry as his peers. And there was no bully in him either. In fact, Lenny was a pretty friendly guy. Although I suspect a lot of people never realized that.

I have a small memory of Lenny from 7th grade. For those of us who took hot lunch, once the bell rang, it was a mad dash down the hall to try to get in line first. One day I got there, right behond Lenny. He was huffing and puffing, and said, "I need to stop smoking."

Lenny lived right behind Kevin. In fact, I seem to recall Kevin telling me that at some point, they put up some sort of crude communication between their bedrooms. It was some sort of thing with fishing line and cups. But apparently, it worked like a charm. According to Kevin, the only bad thing was that if Lenny was having a party or something, the noise would be deafening. And he couldn't muffle it out.

I seem to recall that in high school, Lenny wore black sweat pants a lot.

I believe Lenny stayed in high school through our junior year. Maybe he didn't finish that year at all. I know he was never a senior though.

I ran into Lenny a few times at the video store. He was always friendly and talkative. I liked Lenny. Eventually he married a woman named Deann. Dave Svatek's next door neighbor Bill would see Lenny from time to time. Apparently Lenny's wife lamented once that Lenny would go to a bar every night after work. I think the bar was on HWY. 310, near the mausoleum. I think Lenny was driving a big red truck at the time. Today they live in Two Rivers. I believe they have at least two kids.

UPDATE - 8/15/06 - Thanks to Kevin Dehne for providing this picture of Lenny. It appears to be from around 7th or 8th grade.

UPDATE - 11/13/06 - On Saturday, Augsut 12th, 2006, Kevin Dehne and I took another trip to Two Rivers. The last time we'd stopped by Lenny's house, he wasn't home. But we saw a big truck in the driveway this time. We worked our way around the back, and came up onto the deck. Then right before I was to knock, Lenny stormed out with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. We sat and talked to Lenny for about a half hour. He and Kevin had some good stories to reminisce about. Of course he posed for some pictures. You can see them below. As a side note, Lenny has a real hottie for a neighbor.

UPDATE - 11/13/06 - Here's a video from that August 12th meeting.

UPDATE - 11/14/06 - When Kevin and I met up with Lenny back on August 12th, he mentioned that he worked part-time as a Two Rivers firefighter. I found this photo of him today.


At Fri Apr 28, 11:34:00 AM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

Since I was in the trenches with others in the Swokowski/Kjelstrup art track, cirriculum-wise, Lenny and I shared a great deal of classes. Very likable fellow. Pretty mellow. Seemed to be the type a guy you wanted to buy a beer and shoot the shit with. (even in middle school!)

Of course, my favorite Lenny memory will always be his reaction to the extensive class presidential campaign that Richard Wheeler and I set up for him. He was to RULE THE SCHOOL, with Chip Pelner his inadvertant running mate.

Lenny's sleepy eyed reaction to our flyers?


At Sun Apr 30, 12:25:00 PM PDT, Blogger apeman said...

Ah yes Lenny. My old neighbor who moved from across town in 7th grade i think. The crude communication system we had was pretty cool. In fact it is probably still there.
What we did was we stole a bunch of really thick power line that was conveneintly rolled up and hanging on a telephone pole near our homes. Now that we had this we dug a small trench from my house to his. This was quite the distance but we unrolled it and had more than enough. We put it about 6 inches underground.
I had my room in the basement and started it from my speaker outputs on my stereo.
The idea was to hook it up to a speaker in his room. It worked when we were all done. He even connected a pull-switch from a light to turn it off when he was out of his room.
I haven't seen Lenny since Terry's River Run days. He was a good friend and I hope all is well for him.


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