Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I believe Laura joined me at Washington. I never had much contact with her until my junior year though. Prior to that, she was just another face in the hall.

For reasons I don't really know, Laura started joining us at lunch during our junior year. By "us" I mean Dave Svatek and Richard Wheeler. Laura was an interesting girl. And it was nice to have a female perspective on things. I liked her. Although I didn't like her glasses.

Laura was a self-admitted horny girl. She would never go into great details about such things. But she made it very clear that she loved sex. In fact, prior to our freshman year (I think) she and Dave had a little thing. All that happened was a handjob. And Dave didn't finish. As Laura stated, "He wouldn't cum!" Of course Richard and I teased both of them to no end about that. The same couldn't be said for fellow graduate Jeff Rehrauer though. Laura provided the same stimulant to him. And Jeff finished - very quickly. Forgive him, it was probably the first female skin his little head ever felt.

I also recall Laura telling a tale of being with a guy whose last name was Fricke. The name stood out because the guy may have been the younger brother of the psycho who tried to run us off the road once. Anyway, Laura said she had a lot of fun with him, due to the fact that the guy was incapable of finishing. I guess that would be good for staying power. But geez, not ever getting that payoff would suck for me!

I had Laura in Ms. Neveau's speech class that year. For whatever reason, one day I found myself laying on the counter in the back of the room. Everyone was kind of milling around. Laura came up, tapped me on the belly and said that I shouldn't lay there like that, because it reminds her of "other things." Ok then.

Later on that year, our school was entertained by some sort of band. We watched them in the auditorium. Laura mentioned that she thought one of the guys was really cute. We all thought that the guy in question looked like Jay Leno. The band actually ate lunch in our lunchroom. I asked Ms. Neveau if I could go down and get an autograph for her. She said, sure. So I did. When I got down to the lunchroom, much to my chagrin, the band was sitting at a round table with Mr. Wood. Nonetheless, I went right up to the guy to ask for an autograph for Laura. I told him he looked like Jay Leno, and asked if he could sign it as Jay Leno. As I was doing this, Mr. Wood butted his nose in and was demanding that I leave them alone and to go away. He was getting angry at me! What a prick. Anyway, the band jumped to my defense and assured Wood that it was ok. Wood was peaved, but shut the hell up. THAT was awesome! Anyway, the guy ended up signing it, "To Jay Leno" then signed his real name. He didn't get it. Oh well. But Laura was happy nonetheless.

Whatever brief friendship (or at least friendliness) we shared was done by the end of junior year. I don't think we shared any classes together as seniors. And she became another face in the hall once again.

I believe I ran into Laura a few times at the video store. She remained nice. She worked at Kwik Trip for awhile. She eventually married and became Laura Tegelman. It doesn't look like they had any children. But I could be wrong. They divorced in 2004. It looks like Laura has spent the last several years in Ohio, about an hour north of Cincinnati - which has an airport that I hate! But I digress. It's possible that Laura has remarried, and is now known as Laura Snider. But I could be wrong about that too. For a recent picture of her, look down. She looks pretty good! And no glasses!


At Thu Mar 30, 09:07:00 AM PST, Blogger naamah said...

LOL how interesting what one remembers. I on the other hand dont remember any of this but I laughed the whole while I read it. HMMMM .... I do know I wasn't as primiscuous as your entry seems to imply but I DO love sex!! lol TMI?

I didnt like my glasses either YUCK.

I am remarried 4 years in June. No kids and I will be transferring to Art Institute of Pittsburgh this next year. Hmmmm what can I add. I do have my spaces if anyone wants to know more.

At Thu Mar 30, 12:57:00 PM PST, Blogger naamah said...

oh and about our friendship senior year. You didnt see me because I spent that year in Costa Rica as an exchange student through the Rotary Club, LOL

Otherwise I am sure we would have remained great friends.

At Thu Mar 30, 12:59:00 PM PST, Blogger naamah said...

OOOOOOOO I remember that and you know what Burt?!?!? I still have that piece of paper LMFAO.

At Thu Mar 30, 01:47:00 PM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

If you can find that, try to scan it in. That would be cool to see on this blog.


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