Monday, March 13, 2006


Yes, folks. It is after midnight in Las Vegas - where I am right now. ANd I am drunk - seriosuly srunk from Fat Tuesday;s - they need one of these lovely establishments in Milwaukee. But I digress.

So what Have I LEARNED?

I've learnbed that everyone loves Erin Hynek - rightfully so. She;s a cool chick. I've exchanges several E-mails with her. She;s a good egg. She;s deserved all the accolades that others have said about her. How she doesn't age is a mystery of the gods.

Jeremy Karman. I talked to him. Man, he was so nice. Such a cool dude. If I swubng the other way, ND THE LAWS OF THE LAND ALLOWED IT, i COULD marry him. Well no, that's silly. He;s a cool and all. But I don't swing that way.

Jenny Malley - awesome chick. Grateful to get to know her now. Can't wai tto see her again.

Shawn Mehlhorna and Becky Prausa. My thoughts are with you both.

Tina Short - cool chick. I'd love to hear from you.

I'm sure there's more. BUT i NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM NOW. It';s late. We fly to Hawaii tomorrow. I hope I;'m not embarassing myself. I will right more soon! Toby, youre going to be next very soon!


Brother Walrus


At Mon Mar 13, 11:55:00 AM PST, Blogger Greg Pagel said...


My parents are on their way to Vegas right now, too. Here's the itinerary they sent me:

"We will be at the Silverton Casino Monday thru Thursday(March 13 thru March 16). The phone number is:
702 263 7777.

"We will be at the Riviera Friday, Saturday, and Sunday(March 17,18,&19). The phone number is:
702 94 9571.

"We will be getting home late Monday night March 20.

"See Ya

"Mom amd Dad"

If you run into them, tell them to win a million dollars. They'll be easy to spot -- they'll be the ones glued to the slots for 20 hours in a row.

Go drink some more and try to get into a 3-way with Nikki and some whore (There's whores there, you know).

At Tue Mar 21, 06:43:00 AM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

I was at the Riviera. That's where the Passion Party convention was.

Silly man. There are no whores in Vegas! It's s uch a quiet, clean cut town.

At Wed Mar 22, 01:32:00 PM PST, Blogger HappyMama said...

Hey, how come we didn't do the three-way thing? Damn... not enough time, I guess. Next time, maybe!

At Fri Mar 24, 11:49:00 AM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

That's my girl!


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