Friday, February 09, 2007


Mrs. Kulas (Peg) was one of two Spanish teachers at Washington High School.

I never had her as a teacher. So I don’t have a whole lot of memories about her. She wore glasses, and kind of looked “motherly” to me. I guess that’s to be expected. She had at least two daughters – both of whom were somewhat close in age to me.

From what I recall about Kulas, I really didn’t care for her. She seemed a little bit snotty to me. But again, not having her as a teacher, I can’t really judge her. My friend Dave had her however. I don’t think he cared for her that much. In fact, during our sophomore year, he told me about a little incident he had with her.

Dave had really sloppy penmanship. It was as messy as messy can be. Apparently Kulas chided him for it. Dave put up the defense that he simply couldn’t help it. That’s just the way he wrote. Kulas snapped back, “That’s bullshit!” To which Dave replied, “It’s not bullshit. It’s serious.” I highly doubt Dave changed his ways.

After high school, I ran into Mrs. Kulas quite a bit. She and her husband would come into T&R Video a lot. They were beyond regular customers. They were always friendly to me. I’m not sure how many kids they had. But they had at least two – class of 1992’s Ellen, and class of 1995’s Gail. Gail came in quite a bit too. I always thought she was cute. I actually had Ellen in a class or two at UW Manitowoc.

Since I left T&R Video, I’ve not seen her since. Today she still lives in Two Rivers. And she also still teaches Spanish at the high school.

UPDATE - 4/27/07 - I found this recent picture of Mrs. Kulas. She looks almost pretty much the same as she did 20 years ago.

UPDATE - 6/5/07 - A member of the class of 1990 (who prefers to remain anonymous) sent me this brief memory on Mrs. Kulas. "During the Spanish class trip to Mexico City, Mrs. Kulas asked me to "stop being a bitch". I was being a bitch, so I guess that was deserved. But looking back I think it is very funny."


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