Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm not sure where Chad came from. I'm pretty sure he wasn't there as a freshman. But he was there for my sophomore and junior years.

Chad looked a bit like a thug. He wore glasses, and appeared to be constantly brooding about something. He was quiet and a bit scary. I must say that I never saw him act aggressive though.

I have only one memory of Chad. I think it was during my junior year. Chad had missed a day of school. And the next day, someone in class (can't recall which class) asked him where he had been. He said, "a funeral." When he was asked whose funeral, he replied, "my mom's. Woah. He then said that his mom had been killed by a drunk driver. He went on to say that if hever got his hands on the guy, he would kill him. And when I say kill, I don't mean it as if he was going to beat the guy up. No, he was serious. He meant "kill" as in murder! I had no doubts that he was serious. I'm pretty sure that it never happened though.

After junior year, Chad disappeared. I suspect he dropped out. But who knows. It looks like Chad has remained in the Manitowoc County area his whole life. He married a woman named Dawn. Unfortunately, a joint divorce was filed four months ago. They have at least one child.

Chad also plays guitar. He's played in some local bands known as "Clearer," "Tainted" and "Running Blind." Tainted and Running Blind's website links are below. A picture of Chad playing is below that. The Running Blind link has some very recent pictures of the band, as well as a link to their MYSPACE page.




At Mon Apr 17, 08:45:00 PM PDT, Blogger Greg Pagel said...

I sat next between Chad and "Bruce/notBruce" Schneider in "Music Appreciation," freshman or sophomore year. There were 5 of us in that class.

One day, Bruce passed me a note saying "I think that guy next to you is a coke user." So we started calling him "coker" behind his back. I don't know why Bruce thought that. He was probably kidding.

One day, I drew a picture in my notebook of chad with a finger next to his nose. I guess that's how I thought people used coke. Maybe it is. I still don't really know, even though I'm a jazz musician.

Anyway, me & Bruce were kind of giggling and at the end of class, Chad grabbed my note book and saw the picture. Then he got real mad and said something like "you better not ever do that again!!" or something. I felt pretty stupid. Sorry Chad!

Anyway, it's cool that Chad is playing. I think I actually saw him at the Washington Park stage playing with an oldies band. They were actually very good! In the picture, notice that he's playing a 5-string bass. Most basses have 4 strings. I think his amp also goes to eleven.


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