Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Bad news.

I met Tim in 6th grade. We had Mrs. Casey together. Tim was a rowdy guy - a big time troublemaker. You'd think he and I would have gotten along. But we really didn't. We weren't enemies or anything. But we weren't pals either.

One day at recess, Ken Bartz and I were having somewhat of a snowball war - which of course was against all the rules. But so what. Well when we'd finished, out of nowhere, Tim came up behind me and completely doused me with an overwhelming amount of snow and ice. He attacked me with it. I was caught totally off guard and fell to the ground. Tim pummelled me with it before I even had a chance to react. I was helpless. I almost broke down in tears from the pain. Tim just laughed like a crazed hyena.

Someone reported the incident to Mrs. Casey - who didn't give a shit. I tried to tell her what happened. And she literally told me that perhaps Tim and I should fight about it. What??? I was floored. By this time, Tim was back in the room at his desk, and overheard Mrs. Casey. So he started yelling, "Yeah! Come on! Let's go!" If I could go back in time, I would have lunged at Tim and taken him up on his challenge. If anything, it would have gotten Mrs. Casey in trouble for actually encouraging and endorsing the confrontation. Several students overheard her. She wouldn't have been able to deny it. But instead of creating a cool memory for this blog, I simply sat down in my own seat.

For the rest of our years at Clarke, I did my best to avoid Tim. The guy was trouble. He seemed out of control and just plain nuts.

Tim probably has the honor of having the shortest stay in Washington High School history. I had him in gym class on the very first day of school, during our freshman year. He was there that day. It was the only day. Tim apparently dropped out after that first day, and never set foot inside an academic facility again.

See my entries on Steve Cook and Kevin Dehne for additional stories about Tim. Tim was one of the guys who beat the crap out of Steve, and wound up in jail for it.

I saw Tim's name in the paper sometime in the early 1990's I believe. He allegedly held up the Manitowoc Super America at gunpoint, got some cash, got out of town, then was picked up and arrested in Kentucky the next day.

Over the years Tim has had several skirmishes with the law. It looks like he has stayed in the Manitowoc area most of his adult life. He was married to a woman named Jodi. It looks like she filed for divorce four times. The last one was finally finalized. It looks like they have at least one child. Despite what I probably would have guessed, it looks like Tim has kept his nose clean for the last six years. So perhaps those rowdy days are finally behind him.

UPDATE - 6/17/07 - Kevin Dehne and I took a drive to Manitowoc and stopped in to see Tim. Needless to say, he was not happy to see us. He seemed to recognize us immediately, and knew exactly why we were there. I hadn't laid eyes on him in alomst 22 years. But I recognized him right away. One of the first things he said was that somebody had alerted him to this blog, and that it had a couple of lies in it. I asked him a couple of times what I had written that was incorrect, and assured him that I would correct it or take it out. He never gave me an answer, other than to say it had been awhile since he'd read it. Then he did mention that he didn't like people writing stuff about him. Later on Kevin mentioned that the vein in Tim's neck was coming out. Tim maintained his cool. But clearly, he was angry. Kevin then asked, "I suppose a picture is out of the question, huh?" Tim concurred. He then said he had to get ready to go to church. So we left. Kevin and I surmised that Tim was probably more upset by the fact that some of his past had been profiled online. Later in the day, someone told us that Tim actually attended Lincoln High School for awhile. So perhaps that was the "lie" that he was referring to. I don't know. I have to respect his opinion. And I respect the fact that he got in my face and told me how he felt. So be it. I hope all is well with him.


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